The Reading Promise

reading promiseEven when I was a kid, books were a huge part of my life.  Favorite books were like comfortable friends that I still remember with fondness.  When my kids were young, I would often spend time reading books to them and we would go to the Library every week to pick out new ones.

When Alice Ozma was in the fourth grade, she and her father made a promise to read aloud together every night until the day she entered college.  “The Streak,” as they called it, became an important part of their relationship.   In the book The Reading Promise, My Father and the Books We Shared, Alice relates stories she remembers from those years.  Her Father was a Librarian in a grade school library and he believed reading not only to be a subject to be learned, but an enjoyment to be treasured and shared.  He passed on his passion and love of books to his daughter through sharing books together each night.

The Reading Promise is touching and funny and very enjoyable reading, I would recommend it even to readers who don’t usually read nonfiction.  The writing style is such that you will finish the book long before you are ready for the journey to end.

The Reading Promise has a list of suggested reading as well as a sample “Promise,” for parents to use as tools to start a reading adventure of their own with their children.  The author’s website,, has a lot of ideas for reading with children.

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