What We’re Listening to/Watching – May 2012

CDs and DVDsVanessa – I am listening to Full Dark House, by Christopher Fowler. This is the first book following England’s Peculiar Crimes Unit – a must read for any mystery lover.

I am watching the second season of Castle – a show about a mystery author who helps the police solve crimes, which he uses as inspiration for his books. I love the surprise author appearances like James Patterson, Robert Parker, Sue Grafton and more!

Amy M. – I’m listening to Chief by¬† Eric Church.

Donna – I’m listening to The Lady of the Rivers by Phillipa Gregory, 3rd in the Cousins War Trilogy on book on CD.

Eric – I have watched the movies Crazy, Stupid, Love and Like Crazy, both checked out from the library. Moreover, I have been caught watching Walking Dead season 1 and Supernatural season 2 with my son.

Laura – I’ve been watching the third season of Fringe (yay that it got a mini reprieve from cancellation). I’ve been listening to El Camino by the Black Keys.

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