Morning Routines

good enough to eat breakfast cookbookOne of the gifts the library inadvertently gives to its employees is a certain few days of morning luxury. I come from a slew of night people. We turn away, scowling, from the rising sun in the morning and race toward evening when life feels calmer.

So it’s lovely to have late Sunday, Monday and Tuesday mornings (and Wednesday for me as a part-timer) to indulge in a routine few people find time for anymore: breakfast. Lately I’ve found a ritualistic need to mosey straight into the kitchen when my eyes are open enough, and begin preparing the first meal of the day. It’s become a comfort, and I love that I’m waking my body up with food I’ve put some thought into. By the time breakfast is finished I’ve had time to shimmy out of that reliable morning fog, and I can fully appreciate what I’ve spent time making.

My standard is steel cut oats with a spoon full of maple syrup and cinnamon, (made extra tasty in fall with apple cider instead of milk), and I always make a cup of tea or coffee. But this morning I must have felt particularly ambitious and so I roasted some asparagus with grapeseed oil, salt, pepper, and some parmesan, and put them on top of whole wheat toast with a sunny side up fried egg on top. With a grapefruit on the side it was pure decadence.

If you’re looking for some early morning inspiration, here’s a list of fantastic breakfast cookbooks. Bon Appetite!

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  1. I definitely need to check out the Crepes cookbook! Have always wanted to try my hand at them, but have yet to make one – this is just the push I need. :)

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