Strolling Through Life: It Pays to Have a Playaway

I’ve recently moved on up to the east side, living the sweet life in the suburbs. OK, well, I didn’t actually move, I’ve been doggie sitting. But I’ve still been enjoying everything that the cushy life in the ‘burbs has to offer. The air smells like grilled cheese and everyone waves when you walk by. Most importantly, there are actual sidewalks, not just deer trails in the woods.

After the first mind-numbing 2 hour walk that this specific pooch requires (every single day), I realized I needed to find something to keep my brain busy while my feet are moving. Something small, portable, free and entertaining… hmm, I wonder where I can find that?

Lucky for me, I work in a place FULL of entertaining options (No, they don’t pay me to plug the library. Oh wait, yes, they do. (I’d do it for free anyway!))

Have you heard about our Playaway collection?

What’s a Playaway you ask? It’s an entire audio book that is preloaded on to an individual little mp3 player. No more switching CDs or carrying a Walkman or even worrying about downloading the Overdrive Console and using the eBook Project. Just plug in your head phones, slip it into your pocket and go. It’s the size of a credit card but it packs a wollup in the entertainment department!

There are tons of books that I can’t wait to listen to. There are over 600 different titles in the collection, including some of the most popular new releases, as well as titles for teens and kids. I have a hold on The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (read the the AMAZING Jim Dale), but we also have best sellers like:

Since I’ve started listening I’ve found so many other places to use my Playways. When I cut the grass, I use a Playaway. Sitting outside in the vague hopes that the sun will give me some vitamin D and I will no longer look like a sparkly vampire = Playaway! Vacuuming the house because my pets are a furry menace, that’s right, I’m listening to my Playaway!!

Check out all of our titles here, and remember we have Playaway View for your kids to watch too!


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