Back to School Books

Back to school time creates a whirl of emotions for students, parents, and teachers. When it comes to homework anxiety and the need for additional resources, we hope students and their parents remember the library. From math to language to test preparation guides, the library collects a variety of books and ebooks. Read on for a sample of what you might find. If you need help locating a particular book,  please call or visit one of our ten branches.

Head back to school with Grammar Girl’s 101 Words to Sound Smart or download the ebook and find out 250 Words Every High School Freshman Needs to Know. While high school students no longer take spelling tests, a vocabulary guide can help with writing assignments.

Take the mystery out of linear equations, exponents, roots and other phrases that might make you panic with Algebra Demystified. Then, grasp biology essentials with Easy Biology Step-by-Step, which breaks down complex concepts and provides a clear explanation.

If you need a refresher on historical events, check out the History Firsthand books.    When you are ready to dig a little deeper on a topic, visit Gale Virtual Reference Library. It is an electronic resource available through the library’s research and homework page or by searching the catalog.

One final area of popular interest is test preparation books. The library has ACT, SAT, and PSAT for high school students, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT for college students as well as GED and ASVAB.

Good luck this school year! While this is just a quick glance, we hope you will visit when you need additional resources for homework or research.

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