Happy Birthday, Hobbit

the hobbitSeptember 21, 1937 saw the first publication (1,500 copies!) of J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit. While it’s been 75 years, the book still inspires many, including director Peter Jackson; the first of Jackson’s film adaptations comes out in December.

I fell in love with The Hobbit when a middle school teacher read it aloud to us (Thanks, Miss Maddie! (I repaid her kindness by insisting on speaking like Gollum, asking classmates what they had in their pocketsesss)).

Later I received a box set of the Lord of the Rings as a gift (Thanks, Mom and Dad!) which cemented my affection for Tolkien and his Middle Earth. I was the total Middle Earth geek – memorizing pronunciations and lineages; thank goodness there weren’t hobbit feet or elven ears to wear back then or I’m sure I would’ve been sporting them.

I can’t wait to see how Martin Freeman works his understated actor magic on the role of Bilbo. I do have to admit that after watching and re-watching Sherlock, it’s going to seem odd to watch Freeman without Benedict Cumberbatch  (wouldn’t BC be perfect as an arrogant elf?).

Trailer for The Hobbit.

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