Sir Balin the Ill-Fated

sir balinSir Balin The Ill-Fated. On the day he was christened, a prophecy was made concerning him. “He shall be known as the noblest knight in England. But Wait! I see destruction and calamity.” It was seen that he would bring down two kingdoms in one day, that he would strike the Dolorous Stroke (whatever that is) and that in the end, he would destroy the one he loves most. His entire life, Sir Balin has been ruled by that prophecy. He is afraid to stay in King Arthur’s kingdom in case his should be one of the kingdoms he takes down, he is afraid to stay near his brother because he is the one he loves the most. For his entire life, Sir Balin is afraid. Finally, one day, he decides ill-fate does not have to be his destiny and he will take his future into his own hands. This is his story.

This is a delightfully funny book. The author does an amazing job introducing new vocabulary in a rather sneaky way and teaching kids a little about Arthurian England without them knowing about it. The illustrations are wonderful and help the story along magnificently. I really liked this book!

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