You Can’t Let The Man Get You Down

matthew meets the manMatt knows deep down that he’s supposed to be a drummer. He NEEDS to drum, but The Man keeps putting him down. First his parents make him figure out a way to pay for the drum set himself, then The Man steals half of his paycheck from his crap job for TAXES and then his band teacher schedules a mandatory performance on the day of the big Battle of the Bands. Will Matt figure out a way to defy The Man and win the girl, or will The Man keep him down?

This book, Matthew Meets the Man, is hilarious. I have never laughed so hard in my life. Travis Nichols writes 14 perfectly. The illustrations (in true Diary of a Wimpy Kid style) keep the story light and moving, it is fast-paced and written perfectly. This is a must read for 14 year-olds or just 14 year-olds at heart!

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