Halloween Prep

a zombie ate my cupcakeBefore I start making fun of this general group of women, let me just say: I am one. This is one of those preemptive comments that makes readers nervous but I feel like it’s a necessary precaution.  I’m talking about the women (and men? Are there any?) who spend hours on Pinterest, Blogger, and other social perfect-ifying websites studying up on how to do things just exactly so. Like, for example, preparing the perfect Thanksgiving holiday {All table decorations must be handmade from cloth you’ve woven yourself, twigs you’ve snapped from family heirloom trees, and candles scented with your backyard’s crisp fall air}, or maybe creating a working carousel out of your advanced child’s leftover construction paper scraps which will, as a bonus, teach them about the ups and downs in life as their little paper animals swing up and dip low, along with your mood for crafting.

I’m exaggerating, but you know who I’m talking about. The people who want to whisk Martha Stewart into their living room and get one of her signature half smiles of semi-approval. I could also mention actual mommy-bloggers, but then I’d be breaking my promise of personal inclusion in “the group” as I’m not yet a mother. I keep waiting for the competitive nature of these online bloggers and pinners to build until some hilarious display of primal rage, like a virtual food fight, erupts–except instead of cafeteria fodder, they would throw organic, home-blended baby food.

As much fun as I may make, I too have a Pinterest with thousands of pretty pins waiting to be imperfectly replicated, and I follow my favorite blogs as religiously as my parents and grandparents read the newspaper. Pinterest andblogs can make for some unique inspiration, and they’re great creative outlets for writers. They offer up ideas for every aspect of life imaginable so we don’t have to think of them ourselves, thank goodness, and they’ve birthed an entire generation of people looking to do things on their own, which can’t possibly be a bad thing. So, for those of you who are looking to throw a great Halloween party from scratch, worthy of a hundred re-pins, CCPL has got your back! Browse our great selection of Halloween books and look to the pros for your crafting and decorating ideas. Also, check out the fun books available for download via Freading. There are categories like crafts&hobbies, house&home, and cooking. The book “A Zombie Ate My CupCake!” by Lily Vanilli might be my personal favorite for goulish, fun eats–and when your party goers eat them up without savoring your creative culinary brilliance first, we have books for that too.

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