Spend some time at the Jersey shore (skip Snookie, meet Ceepak)

chris grabensteinNot ready to give up on summer just yet?  If you like mysteries, consider a trip to the Jersey shore via Chris Grabenstein’s John Ceepak series.  Set in the fictional town of Sea Haven, these fun books star upright police officer John Ceepak, a former MP who served in Iraq, and his easy-going partner Danny Boyle, who begins his police career as a summer cop and narrates the stories.  Grabenstein won a Best First Novel  Anthony Award in 2006.  To date, there are seven books in the series.

  1. Tilt a Whirl: Having recently joined the Sea Haven police department after his tour of duty in Iraq, former MP John Ceepak investigates the murder of a billionaire real estate tycoon at a seedy amusement park, a case that is complicated by an undedicated young partner.
  2. Mad Mouse: Part-time cop Danny Boyle and his beach buddies are targeted by a vengeful madman and Danny, assisted by honor-bound officer John Ceepak, negotiates high-stakes challenges that threaten everyone and everything he loves.
  3. Whack a Mole: In the wake of a series of grisly clues that point to the reemergence of a long-dormant serial killer, honor-driven Jersey shore cop John Ceepak and his wise-cracking rookie partner, Danny Boyle, confront an increasingly dangerous adversary who follows an unusually rigid code of conduct.
  4. Hell Hole: Called in to investigate the supposed suicide of a soldier recently returned from Iraq, police officer John Ceepak and his partner discover that the victim may have had knowledge of a conspiracy linked to U.S. involvement in the Middle East.
  5. Mind Scrambler: Learning that a former crush, Katie, is happily employed as a magician’s assistant, Sea Haven police officer Danny Boyle is shocked by Katie’s subsequent murder and teams up with partner John Ceepak in a race against time to find the killer.
  6. Rolling Thunder: In the wake of the suspicious death of a prominent Sea Haven, New Jersey, resident on the opening day of a new boardwalk roller coaster, straight-arrow cop John Ceepak and his partner Danny Boyle discover links between the case the subsequent death of a beach beauty.
  7. Fun House: When one of the cast members of a raucous reality television show set in the New Jersey seaside resort town of Sea Haven is murdered, John Ceepak and Danny Boyle must move to protect the others and find the killer.

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