Web of Horror Story

Our teens participated in a contest to write a group story. They started with the classic line “It was a dark and stormy night…” and this is the result.

It was a dark and stormy night…

Nora was told to stay far away from the house on west Fifth Avenue since she was a little girl.

But there was always something alluring about that house to her, so one day at daybreak when she was around 19 years, she was walking towards the house on west Fifth Avenue because something in her needed to know why her parents had always tried to get her away that street and house. Finally she turned the corner on to the dreaded west fifth avenue with a new skip in her step and a new attitude to boot.

As she reached the house, she felt as though something was watching her from one of the big almost fully boarded up black windows that bore down on to her. The house that had haunted her nightmares ever since she was little stood right in front of her, looking gloomy as always. By the look of the house, after so many years of being vandalized and being torn apart by everything that touched it without being fixed, it made the house look terrifying dangerous and gloomy with pain and sorrow.

Nora took a deep breath, turned on her flashlight, and opened the door.

She just sat there with a terrified look upon her face. Then a startling screech was whining across the room. She sat there shaking and finally whined “Hello is anybody here?”

There was no reply until an elderly women’s apparition appeared in the upstairs door way and motioned toward Nora.

“What do you want?” she spoke as she felt as if all her shaking was turning into a earth quake. But then she soon thought she was dreaming and so she walked towards the door way where the apparition once stood. Inside the room was a bed full of cobwebs and dirt she walked in anyways.

So she muttered while walking in “Hello are you still here?”

And so the door slammed behind her and she now fell to the floor whining while tears appeared after another.

”Why do you come here?” the elderly women spoke.

“I just wanted to know why you haunt me and why you can’t let me be,” she whined. But there was no reply so she walked and crawled over to the door until the window flew open then shut and then the door appeared to be locked. Soon after three slash markes appeared apon her arms but all she could do was lay there helpless

Then John heard a spine-tingling screech.

He just stood there but unscarred he said “What kind of prank is this you guys?” But then he heard a screeching laughter coming down the hall. He soon realized this wasn’t a prank after all.

A shadow fell across the hallway. John slowly backed away as uneven, thumping footsteps approached. A dark, hulking figure blocked the lit doorway. When John’s eyes adjusted and he could see again, he let out a soul ripping scream.

John realized he had to get out of there as fast as he could but when John turned and ran for the door he was knocked flat on his stomach.

“Just where do you think you’re going so fast?” It was a woman’s voice. John clumsily jumped to his feet.

“Tisk tisk tisk. Leaving so soon? I don’t think so.” With that once again the woman knocked him over. .John winced at the pain. He tried to get away from her but, how do you get away from a ghost you can’t see? He pleased desperately with the woman to let him go but she continued to drag him down the dark hallway. “What do you want from me?” John asked. “I want your soul!I want to live again. Without a soul I am nothing but a mere voice. Don’t you see? I am nothing. NOTHING!” The entire house shook with her horrifying reply. The basement door swung wide open as John was dragged inside.

John struggled as hard as he could, but he was no match for the woman. She seemed to grow taller and strong by the minute.

Finally, they reached the bottom of the basement. The witch tied up John with ropes until he could barely move.

Nobody had ever told her why… but she knew that there was some dark and horrible secret hidden in that house.

It was the kind of secret to make your skin crawl and the hair on the back of your neck stand, even though you didn’t know what was being hidden.

As they approached the house, John cautioned Nora,” Don’t go in!”

As John made his comment, Nora rolled her eyes and flicked her brown hair.

Nora felt confident that she could handle anything inside the house.

When they got to the door, a feeling of fear grew drastically. The door was locked.

John sighed in relief. “So can we leave now?” Nora glared at her brother.

“Of course not! I want to find out what’s going on in there.”

All of the sudden, the Doctor arrives in the TARDIS. The Doctor says “Beware of the Weeping Angels.”

John stood there shaking and looking at the weeping angels painted on the side of the house. He quivered as Nora laughed at John.

“Hey! Not nice!” said John.
“Oh whatever.” Nora snapped.

But on that dark and stormy night, Nora was determined to go visit the dark and spooky house.

She was determined that now or never she was going to find out what kept drawing her attention about it.

That being settled the black rusty gates that loomed before her now seemed twice the size. She forced down any fear she had, removed the chains and pulled open the gate. Only to be greeted by the unkempt wild grass. That whistles softly in the October breeze.

She took her first step into the unkempt lawn, and suddenly fell, until a deep, deep hole. The hole seemed to be hundreds of feet deep, but finally, she hit the bottom with a thud.

One night when the girl went into the house she heard a noise and a guy with a chain saw came out and chased her out of the house.

She ran and ran, but the man with the chains was surprisingly fast.

Finally, he caught up with her. He grabbed her roughly, his chain saw buzzing.

When the goblin said hey what’s up

Sometimes in the dead of night she could hear noises coming from the broken windows. They sounded like cries for help, but her parents told her it was just the wind. She didn’t believe them and tonight she was going to find out for sure.

When she looked outside she saw 3 ghost hanging from the tree. When she tried to tell her mom they were gone then there were other noises.

The last family to have lived in the house left unexpectedly in the middle of the night leaving everything they owned behind.

We were determined to outlast them. Really, what could be so bad? But as soon as we moved in, we started….noticing things. Strange things. Disembodied voices whispering, “Noooooo….Let me beeeeee……nooooooo.” Whimpering from unseen beings. Creaking steps. Doors slamming. At first we thought it could be a prank. Record odd noises and play them for us to hear. But that was before the murder.

I love to write!

The house was ancient and rickety, and nearly everyone lacked the nerve to enter it.

When they went in they heard drums they look outside and it was ghost Indians the fire was big and wide.

The fire blazed hire and hire they looked as if they where waiting to find a victim to sacrifice.

But then a hurricane came and put out the fire and dissolved the ghosts. After that, the house just wasn’t spooky any more.

Billy Wever said “I am seeking a room.”

Then the lady replied, “Yes, I know my dear.”

But one day after school, John heard screaming coming from the house. He walked up to the door to investigate. The door opened on its own and allowed him to enter across the bloody threshold.

He screamed when he saw what was inside. It was a ……

…dead body, lying on the floor. John ran out of the house and into his house. He called out for his mom or dad, but they weren’t home. So, he called the police.

She entered the house and stopped dead in her tracks, she looked at the huge wall looming above her, on the wall hung a picture of her mother and the grandparents she never knew.

When she saw the pictures two ghosts came out of the frames and they chased them.

She thought to herself that it wasn’t possible, but then she started to think, maybe this was why she was always told to stay away, but just as she thought that she noticed that there was a boy sitting next to her mother.

She was never told anything about an uncle, her parents never mentioned it. she stopped staring at the picture and turned around when she realized, john was gone and the door was locked, seconds later she hear a blood curdling scream…

When she turned around the grim reaper came and said, “THOU SHALL NOT LIVE!” Then he released a demon army against her then she was trapped.

The wolves were howling. The children were all scared.

The little boy named Jacob said, “I’m not scared,” and started walking down the street, but what he did not realize was someone had been following him. The first house he went there was a scary guy on the porch and the guy was staring right at him then Jacob said, “I like your costume.”

The guy said, “It’s not a costume,” and started to run right after Jacob. He was scared finally he got back to house and it was OVER.

Until he saw a apparition standing in his door way when he was about to fall asleep when he heard a “BOOM!” He soon realized it was his front door opening and shutting over and over until he ran to his window and jumped…

“Mom mom come quick. I need your help its out to get me.” My sister screamed in terror.

“Hang on Lily Bean. I’m gonna send your brother right now.” my mother shouted back. I just sat there with a smirk on my face because I knew that my prank had fallen into place. So I ran up stairs to see my sister jumping up and down on her bed screaming in terror.

“OK so where is this so called monster?” I said playfully.

Then, my sister pulled up her covers and there was a monster! She screamed in terror. I told my mother. She had killed the monster with a knife. None of us knew the monster laid eggs though. 2 weeks later my sister and father were killed. My mother and I moved far away and 7 years later mother died then it was just me… I am now 22. Living alone. In the woods. With no company but the mutant werewolves at night, and all the other government mutants. Like vampires and living zombies breaking into my house at night. I know, I will soon die.

I decided to leave and visit the ole’ haunted house. It was torn down. All the furniture pictures everything gone. But now, there is something even more haunting, the one picture of the elderly woman. I meet her in ghost form at 19 years old. She watches your every step. I decided to try and find her grave at the cemetery. As I walked, there was a feeling, a feeling that someone was following me. I turned around every 5 steps only to find that it was the wind. Then on the 20th time I turned around, There was a werewolf following me! I ran and ran. But it was no use. It had some sort of light speed. I finally got to the cemetery. I looked and looked, no ‘Lilla Commings’ all I found was my sister and mother’s grave, I stopped in my tracks at my sister’s grave. I sat down and cried. I cried because it was my fault she died! My fault! That dumb prank. I thought the monster was a fake! But no. I prayed to her, I knew I was going to go to…….’The Down-under’….. I killed my sister pretty much.

I prayed, “Dear Sis, I thought the monster was a fake. Please tell God I love him and I want to be with you and mom. I know you forgive me. Don’t you??? In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen”

After I stood up I heard a noise, it was calling MY name!!!!!

It said “Norrrrmaaaa!? Norrrrmaaaaaaa!!!? I know your THERE!”

My sister, my sister was standing before me. Eyes, red as blood. Skin, white as snow. Dead bodies behind her.

“Knife! Knife!” I yelled. She had a knife with blood on it. Aiming it at my chest. She did not forgive me. She wanted to kill me!!! She swung a few times. Leaving deep bloody cuts on my arms. She didn’t get my chest though. I ran. I ran but she got in front of me each time. I stopped.

I stopped and threw my arms out and said “Running is no use. Just kill me.”

She heard me and shoved the knife through my stomach. I thought I was dead. I DIDN’T see the light. I saw dark. For what I did to her I deserved the dark.

But something woke me up. It was John!! All he said was “What happened? What do I do!!?!??!?!” There aren’t any hospitals anymore. Just mutant farms.

I said, “Leave……………….Me…………………To……………………..Die…”

John said, “But, but your my sister! I can’t leave you here!!”

I said, “Please!?”

He walked away. I fell into a deep, deep sleep. I was in a comma. I could see everything that was happening. John was praying that I don’t die. Everyone else was just going on with their normal lives. John had no idea that he had two sisters though. I woke up. I ran and ran and ran back to my mutant infested home. I slept in my bed. I died.

When I died I died while I was in a comma in my bed. I could still see everything. The zombies started to infest when they smelled me. I picked up my own dead body covered in blood and carried it to John’s house.

John was scared. There was just my dead bloody body coming towards him. I could see my long waving blonde, now gray hair going away in the wind. He finally figured out it was me. He finally decided to give me CPR. I woke up after 6 hours. John threw up 25 times after giving me CPR. I was still being haunted. I could feel Lilly’s (My sister) breath on my shoulder. She was whispering to me.

She said “I will get you, I will lead my army to you, Father now knows, he is now after you, Mother, oh mother is to SOFT and FORGIVING! For what you did to me, you should suffer and be in pain for the rest of your life while I laugh and make it more painful.” Her breath had the smell of death she was stabbing me with words. I could feel her reach inside me and crush me until I was on my knees.

I was really dying. She wringed my neck, but not so much I died. I could feel the blood rush out of my now black mouth. I was turning colors like the leaves on the trees. She was laughing as she killed me. Father was now there. He handed Lilly the knife.

She said, “Any last words. Oh wait, YOU CAN’T SPEAK!”

She said, “Let me do this ever so slowly, you will still bleed in 20 YEARS!” Father was really never there it just felt like it. Like he was watching and laughing. I never knew a ghost could be that powerful. She finally let go my neck stuck the knife through me. I was now dead. For sure. Lilly was after John next. She killed him faster than you can blink. Lilly wasn’t in heaven either she was a minion for the devil. I was an angle in care.

It was surreal to see Lilly kill John and be above it all and not able to help in any way. I felt so helpless. I was now in limbo and could not reach the other side. If only I could move on, but I was stuck with no way out.

When I had been trapped in the house the exorcist was there and I didn’t know it.

Then John picked up a grenade and burst outside scared but brave.

He pulled the pin, “I’m coming to heaven with you no matter what!”

I couldn’t let john die too so I smacked the grenade out of his hand. It tumbled down the street into a army of zombie and went off.

“I can’t have you die too,” I said.

They got her so I started running and crying and screaming. I had seen an old barn house and it had so many weapons in it. If I get a chain saw and gun and go out and start cutting their heads off, and shooting so I could save my life. I couldn’t get them all. I know there’s like 20,000 more in the whole world so I couldn’t do it on my own that is when I found a camp yard full of people. They helped me and were going to fight some zombies.

She ran from the woods with thorns peering from her clothing. A black cat arose from the woods as well with its back lifted like a bridge. Staring back I knew it was still watching me. Not knowing what it was I still called it a murderer. But why did it choose my I thought that night.

”SCREECH” my door creaked open. Then a dark shadow peeked out of the light and a black cat appeared. It turned out to be the same cat a before the one who was with me guided me and protected me from whatever is lurking in the woods.

“Well hello there,” I said surprised, thinking it must have followed me home. The thing that happened was a hour ago at midnight so I decided to name the cat midnight since that was when she appeared at the scene and stayed with me like she was attached or something. That night after I had just fallen into a deep sleep there was a loud knock at the door and there was nobody but a note that read “LEAVE WHILE YOU CAN”

Suddenly John stopped and turned around, as though he had heard something behind him. I watched as his mouth dropped in a look of horror; I couldn’t quite see what he was staring at though.

I slowly pivoted on the spot as John started whimpering. I gasped. What I saw before me was the most horrendous thing I have ever seen. It was…..

….a vampire with bleeding gums and no teeth. I felt so sorry for it, because every respectable vampire has plenty of teeth.

The wind was blowing rain was pouring and bammmmmm…the world ends the end.

If there was no more room in hell, the dead would walk the earth.

Luckily, there was plenty of room in hell, so everything was okay.

One Halloween night Isabella was walking amongst the cemetery scared and alone. It was midnight. It was a full moon. On this particular night; zombies, ghouls, witches, vampires, mummies, etc. monsters out running loose! Suddenly she heard a scream and she turned around and there was nothing. Next she heard a evil laugh and there was nothing else. Then she saw blood dripping on the grave. She was terrified. She started running as fast as she could. …

However, when she got to the gate it shut and locked itself. She ran the other away and bam she was trapped. Then, something grabbed her foot. She started shaking and she tried to get it off. It was no use. She stood there shaking in horror for at least 15 minutes. She looked down fearfully it was a hand. A ZOMBIE HAND! She started stomping and squirming. The hand hanged on tighter…

When she tried so hard she was stuck. Then, something came up behind her. A GHOUL! She was frozen with fear. It was white. She started laughing like she was dreaming. The ghoul laughed like a little boy. She started crying cause it was her little brother that died when he was 5. The ghoul drifted away wishing he could have saved her. When she was done crying something was flying in the air…

A WITCH! She flew down in front of her and laughed evilly. She told herself no this isn’t real.

The witch said oh but yes it is, deary.

She asked why won’t this hand let me go.

She said sorry, deary, but when a zombie attaches to you there is no breaking free except till after Halloween. She laughed maniacally and flew away. It was 1 am and she was still stuck. She thought well its after Halloween why am I still here?…

There was a loud ear piercing scream that had came from the barn. John was still standing there gawking at the barn door. What was he staring at? I wondered. Then he turned and looked at me. He had a strange blank, dreary look to him. He started to chant.

He is back so don’t look back
He wants to make you his

He just kept on chanting…and coming closer….and chanting and coming…..

The barn door creaked open…. and then John woke up.

The ghoul showed up again and said not until sunrise and disappeared. She screamed in frustration and another monster was here. A mummy no less. He dragged across the graves. He came up to her and said will you hold this piece of paper please. She held his body which was toilet paper of course. He said thank you very much Isabella she screamed. How do you know my name? He said you will see…

After she got confused, a bat appeared in front of her. It turned into a VAMPIRE! She was frightened and scream please don’t bite me!

He said I don’t bite. I bite animals mostly rats but, you are o negative yes?

She said yes how do you know my blood type?

He said I know all people blood types the ones who I want to bite!

She screamed! He told her shut up before I bite you! She wouldn’t stop screaming. So he bit her…

She felt this horrible pain. Her fangs started growing and she started turning pale. She screamed. She took her mirror out and she had no reflection. She had been visited by all the monsters. The sun had risen. She woke up in bed. She was so confused because it seemed like it all happened. Or did it?

It’s your time to die.

John was frozen! Whatever he had seen had scared him so much that he was in a state of shock. I looked around but didn’t see anything. Dare I try to find out, or should I stay with John?? Decisions, decisions…

I’ll look in this closet to see what’s inside, and a horrible monster jumped out so I yelled, “We have to run!”

One stormy night there was 2 little kids. Jamie and Jack. They were both 9. They decided to disobey their parents and went out for a little fun. All the lights went out and they said it was just a prank. Then, they got surrounded by rocks. They tried to step over but they got shocked.

It turned out that the rocks were electrified. The shock was so great that Jamie died. Jack somehow survived, but he was very hurt.

I must find out! It is the only way!

My decision was to leave John. All of a sudden I felt a warm breath on my neck. I turned in horror to find the caretaker with missing gnarly teeth staring at me.

I went to turn and run away but I tripped and fell and could not get up. The caretaker got closer and closer…

“Oh please, can’t this just be a terrible nightmare? Please, I want to wake up from this terrible nightmare!!!”

I couldn’t think straight. What was going on? What was happening? Why did I come here? All these things were rushing through my mind when …

I heard a scream it was John a witch was flying straight at us! Should I run? Should I help John? Should I run for help? Why why is my phone not working? “SOMEONE HELP ME!!!” No one came! Help…

I decided to stay with John who by this time was catatonic…..when I looked back I saw what John had seen….a severed head laying in the hall….it was then I heard the heavy footsteps approaching

One night a young girl, Lily Foster, is left alone for the night, in her country house, while her parents drove out to town for a party. This was fine with Lily, especially since she had her faithful dog, Scout, protecting her through the night. She made herself something to eat, and sat down at the kitchen table. Turning on the radio to her favorite station, she was surprised to hear a news bulletin declaring that an avenged murderer was on the loose. It advised that people secure all windows and doors as a safety precaution. With her dog by her side, the young girl locked the front and back doors. She went from window to window, and locked each of them one at a time. She reassured herself that she would be fine with her trusty dog, and that her parents would be home shortly, anyway. So, Lily had a pleasant, peaceful evening, and finally decided around eleven o’clock that it was time for bed. She climbed the stairs to her bedroom, and slid under the big, warm blanket on her bed. Before closing her eyes, reached her hand down under the bed, and allowed her dog to lick it- she did this every night, because it comforted her. A short while later she awoke to the sound of a scratching noise at her bedroom window. She eyed the window, and reminded herself that the whole house was locked and she was safe. She stuck her hand under her bed and felt her dog’s slobbery tongue cross over the palm of her hand. She sighed and went back to sleep. An hour or so later she sat up in bed…She had heard footsteps in the hallway, and crept out of bed to see if it was possibly just her parents returning from their party. Seeing nothing, she returned to bed. As she was about to stick her hand under the bed, she heard a drip, drip, drip, followed by some footsteps. She walked downstairs into the kitchen and secured the the taps. That surely wasn’t the source of the drip. She crept upstairs and climbed into bed.

“This is silly,” she told herself, “I’m probably just imagining things.”

She stuck her hand under the bed, and felt the dog lick her hand. An hour later she awoke again. A little mad at this point, she jumped out of bed. The dripping wasn’t coming from the kitchen so it must be from the bathroom. She crept along the side of the hallway, and walked into the bathroom. She groped along the side of the wall with her left hand, looking for the light switch. She flicked the light on and gasped. There, hanging from the shower rod was Scout-skinned-a pool of blood had formed on the bathroom tile with a continuous ‘drip, drip, drip’ as the blood from the dog hit the ground. Something on the wall caught her eye; written on the wall was a message in blood…”Humans can lick too.”

She ran away from the bathroom screaming bloody murder. For her dog had just been murdered, and it was bloody.

She ran to the door without thinking she opened it. She ran for what seemed like hours. Finely she got to the woods. She stopped in her tracks. Why would she go in there sure her dog just got murdered. But the woods were said to be hunted.

By this time my breath was coming in short gasps, and I looked frantically for something to defend myself with. I turned and grabbed the object nearest to me: a heavy glass lamp, probably an antique. Hefting it over my shoulder, I waited as the sounds came nearer and nearer…

I had to hold back a scream as the door opened. I was expecting some murderer, but it was simply my friend Ashley. She took one look at the horrible scene in front of her, screamed, and ran the other way. I dropped the lamp and ran after her.
“Ashley, Ashley! Please, I need to borrow your phone! Something terrible has happened!”

Ashley slowed, and turned around, but her eyes were wide with fear. “Wh-what was all that? What happened?” Her gaze darted around and I couldn’t help thinking how much she looked like a trapped animal.

“Ashley, I just need to borrow your phone. For some reason mine isn’t working and I need to call the police!”

Ashley shook her head as if waking up from a stupor. The blank terror faded from her eyes a little, though she still looked horrified. “My phone hasn’t been working since I got here. What on earth happened? What was that in there?”

I shook my head.“I don’t know. John is scared out of his mind and I need to get help. So your phone isn’t working either?!” I was getting worked up again, and I could practically hear my blood pressure rising.

“No. I just checked about two minutes ago.” I sighed and rubbed the back of my neck.

“Well, I’ve gotta get back to John. He’s seriously freaked right now.” Ashley nodded.

“I’ll come with you.” I nodded my thanks to her and headed back through the hallway to the room where John was. He was huddled against the wall, staring at the closet.

“John? John, are you okay?!” I asked, going over to him and kneeling down. He made a little noise and raised one arm, pointing the same direction he was staring. I frowned. Walking slowly to the closet, I opened it… and leaped back, not wanting the body to land on me as it fell. Stifling a shriek, I bent to examine it as Ashley screamed and John stared. It was a young girl, probably about 17 years old.

Then I realized that it wasn’t a body after all. It was a dummy, intended to frighten anyone who opened the closet door.

I didn’t know what to do? My dog had just been murdered by some human thing I couldn’t see. My parents weren’t home and it was 3 in the morning. They should be home. My phone is GONE!! I am going to run far far away from my house and try to get to my parents.

My breath slid from my lungs, coating the glass in front of me in a thin cloud of water. The air seemed to close in on me, suffocating me, and I could feel the eyes watching me from the shadows. I knew that if I turned on a light I would see nothing but my room; my old desk covered in knick-knacks, my big four poster bed, my closet with its creaky broken door. They’re smart that way, never letting you see them, at least, not until it’s too late.

I kept my eyes locked on the window, refusing to acknowledge them. They may have taken my sense of peace, but they cannot take my sanity. I won’t let them.

I feel them stirring and know something will happen tonight. Something always happens when they become excited. I don’t like it when they act up; it makes it harder to ignore them. To ignore the terror they cause to my soul. Their voices, rough and hot like the brimstone and lava of their homelands, swirls into a growling vibration. Yes, something bad will happen tonight.

I stand up from my position in the old rocker. They buzz behind me, delighted that I’ve reacted to them. As they slither from the room, I follow them. I should have known they’d want to go out today, it’s their favorite day of the year: Halloween. I drift behind them, dreading what they will want to do. Last year they frightened a little boy so much that he fainted in the middle of the street. I was able to save him, but still cringe at that memory; the small child, helpless on the blacktop of a busy intersection.
That is why I follow these evil things, to repair the damage that they cause.

I didn’t know what they were going to do. I just want to help whoever they attack. Walk out of my room and down the hall. I know they followed me. They do ever time. As I stop feel their breath on my neck.

When I got home I found 3 scratch marks on my back.

I went into a room to hide from them and no matter what I would do they would just scream and screech. I looked behind me to see if I lost them in my trail, but when I turned around I suddenly notice this monster looking creature. I start to sprint down to anywhere but here. I find myself running into what could be the most life threatening thing that I have yet to ever know.

I was just thinking of what I should be doing next. Do I want to stay there or do I want to keep moving? Do I stay to face the attack or keep running? All I see right now is nothing but my front door. I felt them breathing on my neck. What do I do? I can’t move. My legs are stiff. I tried to dart out of my room and they jumped at me, but missed. My legs are still stiff but they keep coming. I tried to count them- there’s one, there’s another one, or was that the same thing? I can’t count them. There has to be more than a thousand, at the least. But I can’t stop now. I’m running and I have to keep going, I elude them for now. I try to make some traps to be able to stop them. But I fall asleep.

I wake up, I’m yelling at myself “that was stupid to fail asleep in the middle of everything.” But I can’t change that. I continue to keep digging a trap for food and for protection. The day passed quickly without anything happening. My traps are ready so let’s find out what tomorrow brings. I tighten my traps and climb a tree and fall asleep wondering what tomorrow brings.

I looked back and nothing was there. I turned around and kept on walking, and then I heard a voice screaming “HELP!” I ran and said “Where are you?” Then I kept on running and it stopped. I looked both ways and opened a door from the right side and left. Then I kept on walking and heard the screaming again. I stopped and continued to hear the screaming.

And then I ran outside to see if I could hear the screaming and I did. I had gotten really scared and I ran back into the house. I went upstairs and put my headphones on, blasted my music, and waited a few minutes until I no longer felt scared anymore.

When I heard all the screaming in my ear, it was like it was getting closer and closer. When I looked back, I realized it was me screaming, and it was just all a dream.

Then I wake up I look under my bed and out the window to see what if it was all just a dream but then it was . Then I was going on my morning walk . There was bark all around me. There was no one around to get some help.

I said, “Help someone, help me.” But then I got back in my house safe and sound.

Then my friend Amber come over and said hi and ask me if I was ok and was asking me if I need to get some help well I said that know I don’t you’re the one that need help, so then we both when to her car and it was all bet up and the window was smashed in.


Hours pass. It feels like I’ve been down here for days. Duncan and Nathanial stay in touch with me every now and then to see if I’m okay or if I’m still alive. It is so muggy down here. Just as I think that, the worst thing that could ever happen, happens; the batteries die on my handheld battery powered fan. The air starts to get really thick, making it hard to breathe. I start to freak out. So, I try to get a hold of Duncan through the walkie-talkie system, but nobody answers. So, I try to get a hold of Nathanial, and he doesn’t answer either. This is really odd. I hope nothing happened to them. My survival instincts kick in and I start to scream and try to pry open the casket with the crowbar.

Next thing I know, I hear the sound of a shovel scooping up dirt. One of them must have heard me. I’m not going to die down here after all. The casket opens and all I see is an outstretched arm. I grab it. It was Nathanial. Oh, thank goodness. As I got to my feet I saw it. The most horrifying sight I have ever seen. It was the reason why nobody answered their walkie-talkies. There, lying a few feet away from me, was the slaughtered body of my dear friend Duncan. He had his walkie-talkie and his shovel still in his hands. Nathanial picks him up and throws him into the open grave that I just came out of.

At that moment, everything became so clear. The idea of one of us being buried alive; the location of the burial place; the reason the axe was brought; everything was chosen by Nathanial. He had this planned from the beginning. I still don’t understand what he wanted me for. Just then, he turns towards me with his axe in his hand ready to strike. He starts to walk towards me, slowly. Well, I guess me dying today is a possibility after all.

“Oh, don’t worry. You’ll get your turn too. As a matter of fact, you’re next,” Nathanial says.

All I could think of was…RUN!

I let out a silent scream, and as the axe was about to come down in my head, I felt a rough push and fell to the side.


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