The Cousin War Series by Phillipa Gregory

whitequeenOne of my favorite authors of historical fiction has created a series about the Houses of Lancaster and York of 15th century England.   The story of the War of the Roses, told through the voices of four women of the time period, is the focus of The Cousins’ War series by Phillipa Gregory.

The White Queen is the story of Elizabeth Woodville, Queen consort of King Edward IV of the House of York.

The Red Queen tells of Lady Margaret Beaufort and her driving ambition to see her son, Henry Tudor, from the House of Lancaster, on the throne of England.

The Lady of the Rivers is the story of Jaquetta of Luxembourg, mother of Elizabeth Woodville.

The Kingmaker’s Daughter tells the story of Anne Neville, daughter of the “Kingmaker”, the 16th Earl of Warwick, who becomes Queen Consort to Richard III.

The White Princess will be the fifth book in the “Cousin’s War” Series, and is due to be released in August 2013.

As a master of bringing the Tudor Family and their stories to life, Philippa Gregory writes equally well about the Houses of Lancaster and York.

I also recently read her first Young Adult book, The Changling.  I really enjoyed this first book in the “Order of Darkness” series.  It combined history with fantasy and was a really fun read.

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