Throne of Glass

A book for Young Adults that is a little bit fairytale with a hint of dystopia, Throne of Glass by Sarah J. is an excellent fantasy.

Celaena, a former Assassin serving time in a death camp, is offered a way out of the prison if she can win a contest and become the “King’s Champion”.  As much as she hates the evil ruler of the country, King of Adarlan, she cannot turn down a chance to escape the sentence of eventually dying in the salt mines.

She soon finds out that winning the contest is not going to be easy, as other contestants are being brutally murdered one by one.  Her captors, Dorian, the Crown Prince, and Chaol, the Captain of the Guard, are becoming her friends and complicating matters further by perhaps being more than friends.  Throne of glass is a fast paced story that will keep you guessing.

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