Warm Up With a Good Cozy!

cupcakeA cozy mystery is just the thing when I’m looking for a fun, light read.  Cozy mysteries usually omit graphic violence and generally take place in a small community with likable characters.  Many of the cozy mysteries I enjoy are ones in a series of mysteries.  After reading a couple you feel like you know the recurring characters and they feel like old friends.

Elaine Viets has a couple of enjoyable series.  “Dead-End Job Mysteries” and “Josie Marcus Mystery Shopper”.  The author always combines a sense of humor and engaging characters into her mystery stories.

Think food and murder make a good combination?  Diane Mott Davidson, Joanne Fluke, Isis Crawford, and Sammi Carter are authors who include recipes in their stories

Do you have a soft spot in your heart for animals?  Give “The Cat Who Series” by Lillian Jackson Braun a try.  This is a series featuring KoKo, a delightful Siamese Cat. The human characters in this series are as endearing as the cat.  Miranda James’ “Cat in the Stacks” mysteries feature Diesel, a fantastic Maine Coon cat and his librarian owner. “Midnight Louie Mysteries” by Carole Nelson Douglas, “Dixie Hemingway, Cat Sitter Mysteries,” by Blaize Clement, and “Death on Demand Series” by Carolyn Hart all feature cats.

There are cozy mysteries for just about any interest;  gardening, crossword puzzles, quilting, pet stores, diners,  historical themes, and travel themes, to name a few.  So, next time you are looking to curl up with a book, a Cozy Mystery might be just the read you want.

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