Ready Player One

ready Ever read a book that was so good that you immediately want to recommend it to all your friends?  For me, that book was “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline.

The story features Wade, a high school senior in the year 2044, who like most of the people in the world has retreated to a life spent mostly online in the world of the “Oasis” Oasis is a virtual game where your Avatar can seem almost human to you and everyone else in the virtual world.

When the multimillionaire that designed the “Oasis” dies, he leaves his entire fortune to the first individual who solves the puzzle of the game. Wade and thousands of others start the quest, to find the “Easter Egg” hidden somewhere in the many worlds of the game.  Wade becomes a front-runner in the game and soon learns that not only his game Avatar is in danger of “game over” but that people are searching for and wanting to kill his real self.

Fast paced and exciting, Ready Player One is so much fun.  Even if you are not normally a science fiction reader, I think you might enjoy this book.


  1. I LOOOOOVED Ready Player One. It’s my “No Obligation” Bookclub pick for January 2014. It’s been sold to a movie studio apparently, although no real word as to when it might start production…

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