Poetry Contest Winners

poetryIn April, Clermont County Public Library celebrated National Poetry Month with a poetry contest.  On May 6th, the New Richmond branch library, and River City Writers’ Group, hosted our first annual poetry reading.  Here are the 1st place winning poems in the youth and adult categories.

I Am and Nothing More

By youth winner, Tiffany Fite

I am the harmony

I am the melody

I am the tenor of voice

I am the sunshine

I am the darkness

I am the gray of the dawn

I am a quiet moment

I am a lioness roar

I am also none of these things

I am and nothing more


The Moon is My Companion

By Lisa Brandstetter Holt

She is a silent chaperone,

A quiet presence ever known

as reflected light, a wave’s flight,

caught atop firs that cool the night.


Her weight, I sense within my bones

caressing me with miles of stone.

I carry her less well these days,

a willow bending with her phase.


Amid a velvet sky so starred,

our surfaces are pocked and marred.

Our atmospheres are cold and spare,

with rigid hearts, this lea is bare.


Yet she has guided all below

with gentle pull and tender glow.

Though far away from those a tilt,

she makes her loving presence felt.


A faithful friend, she does abide

when no one else is by my side,

when my house is not a home.

Sequestered, yes, but not alone.




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