Williamsburg Creative Writing Group

Prompts for the week of April 25th, 2013

This week we will pick a person. Each of you will pick a person from the pictures that I bring in. I want you to create an identity for that person. Tell us who they are, what they are like, give them a background etc. Then the next week you will put them into a story.
Ex. Linda came from a long line of black haired ravens. She always wore it long, thereby enticing the boys to pull on it every chance they got. She was from a large family where even her brothers were considered beautiful.
When she graduated high school it was assumed that she would go to college but Linda had other ideas. Etc., etc., etc.

Five Words
Create a short story using these five words, have fun.
Journal, confident, awkward, revolutionary, Persian cat

The Williamsburg Creative Writing Group meets every Thursday and 10:30am. Please join us. If you can’t join us, please feel free to create something from the prompts and share by email to vogelam@oplin.org.

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