Williamsburg Creative Writing Group

Prompts for the week of May 23rd, 2013

This week we are going to do something a little different. Do you ever wonder where stories come from? There are many ways to develop a story line. We are going to explore a couple of them this week. First I am going to ask you to journal this week. That means writing about the things you do every day and the way you feel. It doesn’t have to be pages and pages just a few sentences or paragraphs.
Next I want you to jot down things that you see around you that might make a story. For instance, you may see a woman correcting her child in a grocery store. You might think that a story could be made from that. list as many as you can.
Have fun with it.
Five Words
Create a short story using these five words, have fun.
Association, defend, participation, injuries, whale

The Williamsburg Creative Writing Group meets every Thursday at 10:30am. Please join us! If you would like to participate but can’t attend consider sending submissions to vogelam@oplin.org.

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