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Prompts for the week of June 6th, 2013

We are going to delve deeper into what makes a story. Every story must have a protagonist, the main character, and an antagonist, someone who is an adversary or an opponent. In some way the main character must experience antagonism or opposition. With that having been said the source of antagonism can exist from three different levels.
1. The inner, such as self-doubt, where the hero or heroine takes the form of uncomfortable emotion. There may be psychological turmoil such as guilt, shyness, doubt or fear. As writers we can eavesdrop on our character’s thoughts.
2. Interpersonal is the conflict between people. Character A wants one thing and B wants something different. This type of conflict is usually done with dialogue.
3. External conflict can either be physical where his or her well-being is threatened (burning building, poverty, illness) or social where his or her social status is under conflict (disapproval, consequences for breaking the law, etc.).
This week write a few paragraphs using each of these three types of antagonist. Be sure that we can identify your protagonist and your antagonist.

Five Words
Create a short story using these five words, have fun.
Hefty, novel, world, chiffon, zebra

The Williamsburg Creative Writing Group meets every Thursday at 10:30am. Please join us! If you would like to participate but can’t attend consider sending submissions to vogelam@oplin.org.

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