Library’s Summer Reading Program Sparks Love for Reading and Learning

kidsplayingThousands of children and teenagers across the area are discovering a passion for reading and learning this summer thanks to Clermont County Public Library’s Summer Reading Program.

“The library has unlocked a passion in my child that is truly priceless and for that, I am so grateful,” said Union Township Branch Patron Tracey Herzner St. John. “My daughter honestly waits by the door for me to get home to see if it’s library day.”

St. John’s six-year-old daughter, Isabella, is an active participant in the library’s Summer Reading Program. She and her mom use the library’s online program to track all of Isabella’s reading activities throughout the summer.

“I’ve seen her confidence grow and she now will sit for hours and read to herself, rather than always asking me to read it for her,” St. John said. “She has always preferred math over reading until recently. It’s all thanks to our Clermont County Public Library!”

Isabella and other participants in the program earn prizes from the library as they reach certain goals. St. John said the prizes really add to the excitement for her daughter.

“When she found out she had a chance to win a messenger bag, she was all aboard the reading train,” she said. “I originally thought the chance for a Kindle Fire would be the motivator, but she’s really proud of her messenger bag. We now carry it everywhere we go filled with books. We look forward to all the many fun things she can get her hands on when we stop in to our local branch.”

St. John said she encourages families everywhere to get started and sign up today for the program. Her daughter has been spreading the word as well.

“She’s been telling other children about it when we go to the park so she’s already a walking advertisement,” she said. “If her excitement for reading can become contagious, we’re all for it!”

The free program is for ages 0-18 and is offered exclusively online. It ends July 20. Register here. 

  1. This is an awesome story. I’m soooo glad it was shared. It inspires me that someone so young could have a passion for reading! Keep up the good work Isabella and I wish you the best of luck.

  2. My daughter has always loved to read. Whether it be her Bible or a book, she can sit for hours. This is an awesome program. I wish I would have found out about it sooner. I just received an email today about it.

  3. That is an inspiring story. Thanks for the encouragment. I hop see wins the kindle fire. She has worked really hard and deserves it. -Thanks, Carley

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