One Shade of Hunger

ravenWith all the book fads that have come and gone over the years, I am still kinda waiting for 2013’s big thing. It could hit at any time and come from complete obscurity. I mean, who predicted Fifty Shades of Grey? Or for that matter, The Hunger Games? We live in an age where the internet can turn something that would otherwise fade into oblivion into a mega can’t-miss, gotta-have, gotta-see, super over-the-top hit. (I like adjectives.)

The problem is, 2013 is half over, and so far, nothing. We in the reading community can’t stand for this. We need something so that we can say, “Oh you haven’t read that yet? Well, you should.” With that said, I have a quick confession to make…..I don’t read fad books. I don’t. They could be the most well-written, highly-received books of the century. I like telling people I haven’t read them and then getting told that I should. To which I reply, “I won’t.” For example, I didn’t read the Left Behind books, The Harry Potter series, Twilight, The Hunger Games or Fifty Shades of Grey, and I won’t. I have, however, read many other books, such as The Six-Gun Tarot, High Fidelity, Rum Punch, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, No Country for Old Men, and The Things They Carried, among many others.

So my new goal is to write 2014’s fad book. I already have the title: Fifty Shades of Hunger Left Behind at Twilight by Harry. It will be about zombies that eat sparkly vampires before the wizard can turn them into hobbits. I don’t want to give away too much; there are a lot of literary thieves out there. I’m looking at you, James Patterson.

The next fad series may well be The Raven Cycle series, as book two comes out soon, and I am actually reading book one, The Raven Boys, right now. It is still too early in the book to give my assessment, but I am a little hooked.

But who can say what the next big thing will be? I am pretty sure it’s going to be Fifty Shades of Hunger Left Behind at Twilight by Harry. It will be huge! We will see. Meanwhile, stop by the library and read one of those other books that nobody is talking about. They are usually just as good or better than the fad books. Recommend your favorite to a friend, then they will recommend it to a friend until it becomes the next big thing. That way, you can say, “I read that book before anyone knew anything about it.”

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