Libriomancer at Large

libriomancer Isacc is not your typical librarian.  He is a “Libriomancer,” someone who has the ability to draw objects out of books.  When local vampires show up to kill him, he gets the idea that this is not going to be a typical week at the Library.  With a little assistance from his books and supernatural friends, Isacc might just survive the war to kill all the members of the Libriomancer Secret Society.

Libriomancer by Jim Hines is a fast-paced Science Fiction/Fantasy story that is a ton of fun to read. I finished the book in record time and wanted another dose of delicious Science Fiction medicine.   Fortunately, Isacc’s story is continued in Jim Hines new book Codex Born.  I’m next in line on the hold list and can’t wait to see what trouble my favorite librarian is going to get into next.

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