A True Triple Threat


For my money, the only Justin is the one with the last name Timberlake. He is a true triple threat. Not only has he conquered the world of Mickey Mouse and appeared on Star Search, he has also emerged victorious in the fight against boy band obscurity. As a member of the Five-Timers Club of Saturday Night Live fame, he joins an elite cadre of celebrities to accomplish such a feat. Plus, he is kinda talented, or so I’ve heard.

Being a triple threat is hard work, I know: I’m one myself. It means you have to be amazingly talented at three separate things. For JT, one of those things is music. Check out some of his CDs from the library if you don’t believe me. Plus he throws in some acting, in his spare time, in such movies as…..these. I can only guess that his third talent is being awesome.
Oh and check this out…he’s bringing MySpace back. It is the future/past of social media networking. That’s rad!! Take that, other Justin guy from Canada!

With that kind of influence, especially over me, I now wear suits and ties for no reason, all the time. Really, so should you. I mean, what is stopping you? Convention? Blah, if JT and Jay-Z says it’s OK, then it is OK. (I say it’s OK too.)

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