Blogging for Dummies

blogging For the past twenty years, we have been surrounded by dummies.  It started out as just one dummy and has now multiplied to over 1800, too numerous to count. They are overtaking our lives.  Dummies are everywhere. They are in our homes, in our schools, in our stores, and even in our libraries. This library system has 862 dummies. With all these dummies around, it is not hard to get sucked into the land of dummy. There is a dummy for everything. Even politicians have them.

Not all of us can be dummies; it’s a distinguished group…like people who do algebra. People who use Facebook are dummies. RV vacationers are also dummies. There are  dummies that involve themselves in the economy. Don’t get me started on computers. There are too many dummies out there to list.

Heck, I used this dummy right before I wrote this blog. I mean, I’m not an idiot. We have 225 of those.

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