The Gods of Gotham

gothamWhen the New York Police Department was founded in 1845, the population did not welcome it.  New Yorkers protested the forming of what was called a “standing army” and the “Copper Stars” were generally met with suspicion and aggression.

“The Gods of Gotham” by Lyndsay Faye is the story of Timothy Wilde, a detective among the Copper Stars serving in the notorious Five Point Slum area.  When a mass grave of dead children is discovered, Timothy is driven to find their murderer.

“Seven For a Secret” the sequel to the marvelous historical mystery, “The Gods of Gotham” is an equally riveting and engrossing thriller.  When slave catchers steal a beautiful black woman’s family, Timothy discovers an underworld crime ring where innocent free Northerners are stolen from their homes to be sold as slaves down south.

Mystery and history blended perfectly for the best historic mysteries I’ve read in a while.

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