Are you on the list for Artpop yet?

artopopWhether you love her crazy antics and meat dresses or not, you have to admit, Lady Gaga certainly makes some catchy songs.  And for those who have worn out their iPods repeating Just Dance and Born This Way over and over again, rejoice, for her third album, Artpop, is finally here!

I’ve been a fan ever since seeing the video for Bad Romance in 2009 (okay, so I was late coming to the Monster Ball, but I’ve been a Little Monster ever since!), and I’m happy to say, this new album is just as catchy and dance-able as Gaga’s first two albums.  While Born This Way, with its rock-inspired themes, was lots of fun, I think Artpop is more similar to the pure electronic pop I fell in love with from The Fame.  The lyrics all share a focus on fame, fashion and art.

Since its release, Artpop has gotten mostly positive reviews, and Gaga’s performances of her new singles from the album are getting a lot of buzz.  The first song, “Aura”, was featured in the trailer for the new movie, Machete Kills, in which she herself makes a cameo.  My personal favorite is “Venus”, which lodged itself in my brain on my first listen-through and has been hanging around ever since!

While you’re waiting for Artpop, here are some books about Lady Gaga, and for the uninitiated, you can listen to her other songs and full albums here.  And don’t forget to check out her second holiday special, Lady Gaga and the Muppets’ Holiday Spectacular, airing on ABC on Thanksgiving!

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