Where were you? – 50th Anniversary of the Kennedy Assassination


It’s been 50 years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated as he rode in an open top motorcade through Dealey Plaza in Dallas Texas.  Still whenever you ask the question “Where were you when you heard President Kennedy was shot?”  people of the right age can tell you exactly what they were doing.

His assassination on November 22, 1963, in Dallas, Texas, sent shockwaves around the world and turned the all-too-human Kennedy into a larger-than-life heroic figure. To this day, historians continue to rank him among the best-loved presidents in American history.

On Monday, November 25, 1963 President Kennedy was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery. The funeral was attended by heads of state and representatives from more than 100 countries, with untold millions more watching on television.

The official Warren Commission report of 1964 concluded that neither Oswald nor Ruby were part of a larger conspiracy, either domestic or international, to assassinate President Kennedy. Still conspiracy theories are still around today.

For the past two weeks at the Amelia library we have been asking people where they were when they heard President Kennedy had been assassinated.  While there were only a few responses I would like to share those here.


“I was a letter carrier in Mt. Washington.  I was walking up Beechmont Ave with my radio in my ear.”


“I was giving my neighbor a home perm.  We were listening to the radio.”


“My baby son and I were in the family room.  He was two months old and I was giving him his bottle before putting him down for a nap.  I was watching soap opera ‘As the World Turns’ when Walter Cronkite came on the TV with the horrible news about the president.  I just started crying and just sat down and sat in disbelief.  The weekend became a nightmare.”


“At school.  Watched TV there and at home later.”

“I was in 8th grade, I was on flag detail that week.  I put the flag at 1/2 mast.”

“On that tragic day I was at work at the Dayton, Ohio airport.  Someone came into the office and asked if we had heard President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, TX.  Of course we had not heard that and we were all shocked by the sad news.”

With the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination there are many new books that have been published.  Check out this new titles at the library!

Camelot’s Court  by by Robert Dallek

Parkland by  Vincent Bugliosi

These few precious days: the final year of Jack with Jackie by Christopher Andersen

Killing Kennedy:  the end of Camelot by Bill O’Reilly

JFK’s last hundred days  by Thurston Clarke

The Kennedy half-century  by Larry Sabato

The Kennedy years  by Jill Abramson


The Berlin conspiracy by Tom Gabbay

Top Down  by Jim Lehrer

11/22/63 by Stephen King

The Third Bullet by Stephen Hunter

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