Fiction Debuts

north of bostonSome upcoming debut fiction:

North of Boston by Elisabeth Elo.  Perfume heiress turns unwilling sleuth in Elo’s suspense series launch. Surviving a fishing boat collision that ends her friend’s life, Boston girl Pirio Kasparov, convinced that the incident was not an accident, is tapped to participate in a research project at the side of a journalist who helps her unravel a plot involving the frigid whaling grounds off Baffin Island.

The UnAmericans: Stories by Molly Antopol – Honored as one of the National Book Foundation’s 5 Under 35, Antopol enters American fiction with startling originality and honesty. A debut collection traces the experiences of painfully human protagonists from a range of cultures, including a blacklisted Hollywood actor who struggles to connect with his son, an Israeli soldier who comes of age when his brother is injured on their communal farm and a dissenting gallery worker who begins smuggling and curating underground art.

The Innocent Sleep by Karen Perry. This debut literary thriller opens with a terrible tragedy: a sudden earthquake in the Moroccan city of Tangiers kills Harry and Robin’s only child, a young son, Dillon. Five years later, the couple has long since relocated to Ireland and is slowly becoming hopeful for their future. All seems well until Harry sees their son in the streets of Dublin and with this glimpse, long-held secrets threaten to destroy Harry and Robin’s new life.

Wake by Anna Hope. Hope’s confident, well-crafted debut follows a trio of English women during the grim years after WWI, when no British family was left unscathed.

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