Heart Health Month

heartmonthFebruary is American Heart Month. Celebrate by exploring  healthier eating options and exercise routines.

Some books to get you started:

Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum’s Heart Book by Suzanne Steinbaum. A renowned cardiologist outlines a new approach to women’s health that integrates emotional and physical well-being, outlining holistic complements to traditional treatments to counsel women on how to shift from stressful behaviors to mind-centered living for improved weight control and lower blood pressure.

The Go Red for Women Cookbook.  This cookbook  helps prepare foods  while reaching health goals. It offers 200 recipes along with tips on weight control, good nutrition and food shopping.

Betty Crocker Healthy Heart Cookbook. Betty Crocker has teamed up with the Director of The Johns Hopkins Ciccarone Center for the Prevention of Heart Disease and a nutritionist from the Bell Institute of Health & Nutrition to create family friendly, healthy recipes.

We have  lots of exercise DVDs! A few to consider:

Weight Watchers: 15 Minute Boot Camp. With workouts that focus on the Upper Body, Lower Body, Core and Cardio, this is a program that is finely tuned to fit into anyone’s day. There are four fifteen-minute workouts to mix and match or do two, three or even all four to work the whole body. Each routine is specifically designed with ‘starter’ and ‘experienced’ versions of the exercises so that anyone can work out at any pace. Instructor Jennifer Cohen makes it easy to follow each level of movement.

Quick Fit. Mix of fast workouts to help viewers lose weight and stay healthy. With 30 five-minute workouts blasts, viewers can do exactly what viewers want for as long as they want. Featuring ten blasts each of cardio, strength, and Pilates, the jam-packed program fulfills all the viewers’ fitness needs.

The Biggest Loser: 6 Week Cardio Crush.  Whether just beginning or ready to take the fitness up a notch, this 6-week program provides three pound-shedding workouts designed to beat the bulge one intensity level at a time

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