Overlooked Books – February 2014

Books, selected by our Collection Development staff (they’re the ones who purchase the books), that you might have missed.

Amazing crayon drawings with Lee Hammond : create lifelike portraits, pets, landscapes & more
by Lee Hammond

Presents instructions on how to use crayons as an adult drawing medium, providing tips and advice on blending, burnishing, subject graphing, and using color and shadow

Tracing your family history on the Internet
by Chris Paton

A guide to researching your family history online for family  historians.

Step-by-step hairstyles : 85 salon looks to create : a comprehensive practical guide to styling your hair for stunning results, with more than 85 complete looks shown in 500 how-to photographs
by Nicky Pope

A guide to creating salon-quality hairstyles offers step-by-step instructions for everything from simple styles to braiding, curling, and elegant up-dos

Rough cut : woodworking with Tommy Mac
by Tommy MacDonald

A dozen step by step wood working projects.

Add more ing to your life : a hip guide to happiness
by Gabrielle Bernstein

A saavy motivational speaker and life coach reveals how to make happiness a way of life, inviting readers to block negative thought patterns and create positive change through positive affirmations, physical activity and visualization meditations. Original.

What’s new, cupcake? : Ingeniously Simple Designs for Every Occasion
by Alan Richardson

A new collection of creative cupcake projects by the authors of Hello, Cupcake! provides for a variety of special occasions and holidays while featuring comical animal and accessory decorations crafted from edible ingredients. Original.

Adventures in bookbinding : handcrafting mixed-media books
by Jeannine Stein

“Each project in this book combines bookbinding with a specific craft such as quilting, jewelry making, or polymer clay, and offer levels of expertise: basic, novice, and expert. Illustrated step-by-step instructions and photographs demonstrate how to construct the cover pages, and a unique binding technique, easy enough for a beginner to master. Each project also features two other versions with the same binding geared to those with more or less experience. The novice version is for those who have noknowledge of the craft and want shortcuts, but love the look. For the quilter’s book, for example, vintage quilt pieces become the covers so all that’s needing in the binding. Or if you’re interested in wool felting use an old sweater. This offers great opportunities for upcycling. The expert version is for those who have a great deal of knowledge and proficiency of a certain craft – the master art quilter, for example. For this version, an expert guest artist has created the cover and the author hascreated the binding. This offers yet another creative opportunity – the collaborative project. Since crafters often get involved with round-robins and other shared endeavors, this will show them yet another way to combine their skills. No other craft book offers the possibilities and challenges that Adventures in Bookbinding does. Readers will return to it again and again to find inspiration and ideas”

The complete photo guide to jewelry making : More Than 700 Large Format Color Photos
by Tammy Powley

Comprehensive guide to the tools and techniques for making all types of jewelry boasts more than 700 large format color photos

The everything card tricks
by Dennis Rourke

Over 100 amazing tricks to impress friends and family!

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