Exercise is a Four-Letter Word.

174239890Goal 10,000 steps

Yoga, baseball, running, slip and slides, swimming, big wheel races and mosh pits are some of the ways that I exercise. If you don’t want to or can’t do these awesome things, I just learned that walking is also an exercise. I know what you are thinking….I do that every day; therefore, I work out every day. Whoa now, back up the truck. Walking is exercise, but walking from your car to your desk is not, although it still counts in walking competitions at your workplace. 1369 steps

Walking, however,  is not easy to learn. Ask any baby, they will tell you. This link, Start walking for exercise, will help you as you set out on your new exercise routine. 2139 steps

Sorry, but I had to walk away from my computer. I’m in this fierce walking program at work where only the strong survive. I must walk every five minutes to not be eliminated from this grudge match. So, I kinda lost my train of thought. 3459 steps

Oh right, I ran this .05k recently and it…..was……exhausting. I mean, it was 50 meters of pure torture. You know what? I could’ve walked it. Had I known that walking was an exercise option, that is exactly what I would’ve done. I can walk for literally hours. I can only run for, like, minutes. It is the old tortoise versus the hare argument. Slow and steady wins the race. In that particular .05k the runners won the race. I think they usually win in those marathon things too. Well, at least, they physically won, but walkers win by exercising too. 5288 steps

Again I had to get up and walk. Where was I? 6112 steps

Right. If you wanna do yoga, I know a great place for you called East Cincy Yoga. Running is good too; I’m doing the Redlegs Run and the Warrior Dash this year and possibly the Cyclones Power Play 5k and Color Run. I play baseball too on Wednesday and Sunday.  7987 steps

The way to increase your walking at work is to decrease your efficiency. For example, at the library, instead of rolling a whole cart of books out to the stacks, try taking one book at a time across the library and shelving that way.  You will reach 10,000 steps in no time, which coincidentally is the recommended amount that humans take each day to constitute exercise. I’m going to shelve like that right now! 8642 steps

Whew! Now I’m out of breath……..Hold on…….Just let me breathe a minute here…………………….OK. Ready. Go! 9533 steps

Finally, when you are going on your walk, say, like in a park, I read somewhere that it may require you to drive your car to said park if that park is too far get to by walking.  Also, that same article said you must point out your destination prior to starting your walk. I was doing that all along. I also point to the end of my blogs.     →The End

Wait….for…..it…….10,123 steps!!! Exercise accomplished! Oh, if you are going to exercise by walking the best kind of walking is the Walking Dead

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