FamilyNight: Prepositions

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Howdy! This Tuesday was our first OFFICIAL FamilyNight of the year and we kicked it off with one of Ms. Garria’s favorite story time themes- Prepositions! What’s that? You think prepositions are lame? Or worse, you’re like Ms. Laura and you’ve been out of school for so long that you don’t even remember what a preposition is?

Don’t worry, prepositions are EASY! The kids caught on right away to what they are. Prepositions show how two things relate to each other. To start out our FamilyNight we had a practical lesson in how they work. It went like this: if you think of two things, say Darth Vader and Darcy’s Donkey, a preposition would tell you where they are in relation to each other. You could, if you were so inclined, put Darth Vader ON the Donkey. Or the Donkey could chase Darth AROUND the room, UNDER and OVER all the tables. Or Darth and Donkey could both get a time out for being too rowdy in the library and have to stand AGAINST the wall and watch the kids enjoy FamilyNight. Just, you know, for example.

All of our books and games featured excellent prepositions. We read:


Our Ready to Read Early Literacy activity this week was Playing. Kids can learn a lot about language even when playing with non-literary toys. Play helps them to think symbolically and teaches them how to express themselves. We got out our big parachute and practiced our prepositions by making it go up IN the air, laying it ON the ground, but most importantly, by running ACROSS and THROUGH it while the adults made it dance. We also had a delicious snack of Fruit Loops, which we put through their prepositional paces as well; we put them ON our noses, BEHIND our ears, made them travel AROUND our heads and finally put them IN our mouths (yum!). Even our craft was prepositionally awesome. We used construction paper to weave decorative patterns, with the time honored technique of putting the paper strips OVER, UNDER and THROUGH each other.


Our next FamilyNight will be Tuesday, February 5th. We’re going to celebrate Chinese New Year with stories, game, crafts and treats. Register online or call the branch (513-528-1744) to sign up your family. Don’t forget we have StoryTime every Wednesday and Thursday as well! Toddler time is at 10:30 and PreschoolTime is at 11:30. Hope we see you soon at the Union Township Branch Library!


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