Let’s Talk About It!

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Children love to talk and be heard especially with the person who is most important in their lives, you. Talking with your child helps him learn key language and vocabulary skills. These skills will help your child succeed in school. You have multiple chances to talk throughout the day. Talk to your baby during diaper changes, feedings, and bath times. Talk with older toddlers as you prepare meals, do the laundry or other tasks. Explain what you are doing. You can even talk in the car, the doctor’s office and at the grocery store.

Reading books also provides opportunities to talk with your child. Before you begin to read a book to your child, take a “picture walk”. Look at the cover and have your child try to guess what the book will be about. Talk about the author and illustrator of the book. Open the book and look at just the pictures. Allow your child to tell you what she thinks is happening in the story. Ask open ended questions like:  “How do you think the bear feels right now?” Be sure to give your child plenty of time to respond and accept all responses. Now read the story and see if she was right!

If you are not sure what books are appropriate for the age of your child, come into your local library and we can point you in the right direction. Below are a few titles to get you started.

splendidSplendid Friend, Indeed

cloudLittle Cloud

moreBear Wants More


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