Books about Things that Move

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If my nephews are any indication, kids adore books about things that GO – construction equipment, cars, trucks, trains – all of it! Here’s a selection of books about things that GO.

From the 2013 Notable Children’s Book List:

demolitionDemolition by Sally Sutton. Through a mix of rhyming text, sounds, and onomatopoeia, and large gritty illustrations, children are introduced to what machines do at a construction site.

Machines Go to Work in a City by William Low. Elegant illustrations portray a variety of gritty, urban machines in all their burly glory as they work under, through, and above the city.

From NoveList recommendations:

Fire Truck by Peter Sis. Matt, who loves fire trucks, wakes up one morning to find that he has become a fire truck, with one driver, two ladders, three hoses, and ten boots. Features a fastgate-fold illustration that opens into a three-page spread.

I’m Fast by Kate McMullan. A freight train and a car race each other on the way to Chicago.

Job Site by Nathan Clement. The bulldozer, the excavator, the loader and other heavy machinery all have important tasks to accomplish at the job site: digging, lifting, carrying, dumping, moving, shaping.

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