Early Literacy Tips

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earlyliteracytipsSTICKERJuly Early Literacy Tips from Browser:

Week one:

Talking is very important for early literacy development. Talking helps children understand words and concepts and helps the to build a large vocabulary.

Children learn about language by listening to and talking with their parents and caregivers. There are multiple opportunities throughout the day to talk with your child. Take advantage of bath time, diaper changing time, meal times and any other time of the day when you have your child’s attention.

Week two:

Books are great conversation starters. When you read a book to your child, take time to talk about it. Talk about the pictures, places, and things in the book. Talk about how the characters feel and what they might do next. Make predictions about what might happen next or what might have happened if things were done differently. Be sure to ask open ended questions and give your child time to respond. Remember there are no correct answers.

Week three:

Tell your child stories about your life. They love to hear stories about when you were a little boy or girl. Discuss how things were alike and different from the way they are now. Tell them stories about other family members and things you have done and of places you have been before they were born.

Week four:

Before you read a book, take a “picture walk”. Talk about what might be going on in the pictures before you read the story. Then, read the story and see if you are right. After you read a book, have your child retell the story. You can do this using props or puppets to make it even more fun.


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