Staff Picks: Pat at the Union Township Branch

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Dulley, Hollywood's next big star

Pat’s all-time favorite movie when she was a child was Disney’s Jungle Book.  She remembers seeing it in an air conditioned theater while living overseas in Saudi Arabia and loving it so much that she begged to see it a second time the same day – and NOT just for the air conditioning!  She especially loved Baloo and the silliness in the the King Louis scene. It’s still her favorite Disney movie as an adult.

Pat has been providing storytimes to children for more than 25 years here in Clermont County, spending her last several years at the Union Township Branch.  These days she watches more comedy than Disney and would especially recommend Marmaduke.  “Owen Wilson is perfectly cast as Marmaduke’s voice,” says Pat.  She is owned by two dogs that are true characters.  Her dog Dulley reminds her of Marmaduke, always getting into trouble with his high energy and expressive personality.

Clermont County Public Library owns more than 100 movies featuring dogs as well as shorter cartoons.  Click the links below to connect to our lists.

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