StoryTime: Counting

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Hola! I hope your week was as good as ours at the Union Township Branch!

This week we continued our series on ‘Concepts’, talking about Counting. There isn’t much that kids enjoy more than shouting out the numbers once they learn them and we had an extra rowdy story time because of it. We also talked about our Ready to Read literacy skill, Phonological Awareness, a little more in depth than usual, so you get to learn a little more than usual about it too.

Basically speaking, Phonological Awareness is the ability to hear and distinguish the smaller sounds in words. Being able to hear the beginning and ending sounds that make up words will help children sound out words when they begin to read. Once a child has this ‘phonemic awareness’, they become aware that sounds are like building blocks that can be used to build all the different words and most children have any easier time learning to read.

One of the best way so to help you child grown their Phonological Awareness is to read stories with lots of rhyming words. And lucky for us, it seems that most counting books feature lots of great rhymes that are easy for kids to spot (when they already know how their numbers sound, it’s easier to pick out words that sound the same). This week we read:

I also pulled some harder number books for our older kids (since it was Spring Break in some of our schools we had some siblings visiting StoryTime). Two of my favorites that are sadly too long/hard for regular StoryTime are The Rabbit Problem by Emily Gravett and 365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental.

Ms. Garria made this week’s flannel board to go with the song Pretty Ladybug. Poor Ladybug starts out with no spots and no numbers, and the kids help us add her spots in one by one, and add the numbers as they go:

Pretty Ladybug
(to the tune of London Bridge)
Ladybug has one black spot
One black spot, one back spot
Ladybug has one black spot
Pretty Ladybug
(Repeat with #2-6)

For our craft this week we practiced our painting skills, with a little twist! We used masking tape to block of parts of our paper, painted with our water colors and then removed the paint and counted how many white lines we ended up with!

We hope we see you next week at StoryTime!

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