StoryTime: Colors

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Don’t tell anyone, but I’ve fallen very behind in sharing what’s happening at StoryTime with you! This post is about a session we had way back in February; it was the first of our session on ‘Concepts‘ and we talked about Colors. I had a really hard time picking just a few books to read, we have so many amazing titles that feature colors. These are some of the titles we actually read:

We also talked about Print Motivation, one of the easiest of the six Ready to Read Early Literacy Skills. It might have a complicated sounding name, but print motivation is simple. Our website describes it like this:

Print Motivation is a child’s interest in and enjoyment of books. Children who enjoy books and reading will be curious about how to read and will want to read more. A child with print motivation enjoys being read to, plays with books, pretends to write, asks to be read to and likes trips to the library. Reading books should be fun!
Parents and caregivers can encourage print motivation in children by:
     -Reading books often
     -Making book-sharing a fun and special time
     -Keeping books accessible
     -Giving them the impression you enjoy reading
     -And visiting the public library often
Choose books that encourage a child’s interest and enjoyment of books and let children pick out books that they want to read or have read to them.

Sounds a lot like what we do at story time, doesn’t it. Our goal is to help you show your kids that reading is awesome!

We started our time together with a fun flannel board game. The kids had to help find Mr. Mouse so he could listen to the stories too. We searched through his ‘neighborhood’ to figure out which house he was in before we settled down to listen. After we read our stories and had our Silly Dance Contest we had craft time. Our color crafts were both recycling projects we made out of old paint chips. We made two different versions of a color matching game. For the younger kids we pre-assembled some color flip books that we took around the branch on a color scavenger hunt, trying to match the the colors on book covers to the color cards we had. The older kids built their own color match wheel, using paint chips to make the color pegs and wheel.

As always, we had tons of fun at Story Time, so we hope you can join us next time!


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