StoryTime: Shapes

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This week at the Union Township StoryTime we talked about one of the very best concepts- Shapes! Seeing and recognizing the shapes that make up everything around us is not only an amusing game you can play with your kids, it’s also huge step on the road to Early Literacy. One of the six skills that can help you children learn to read is Letter Recognition, and a big part of spotting the differences in various letters is being able to see the shapes that they are made of. Knowing that an A is a triangle and an O is a circle is a big deal, trust me!

All of our books we read this week dealt with our various shapes, including some of my favorites; hearts, circles and squares. We read:

For our craft we made collages and pictures out of circles, and as always we had a few coloring sheets that we made up. We also had some great flannel boards; our Preschool Time had a visit from the Shape Monster, who promptly ate all the shapes we had brought out to show the kids and at Toddler Time we played a game with our felt shapes, first spotting the shapes on the board and then later shapes we found around the room. The game has a song that goes like this:

I Can See Shapes
Tune: London Bridge
I can see a circle shape,
circle shape, circle shape.
I can see a circle shape.
How about you?

I can see a triangle,
a triangle, a triangle.
I can see a triangle.
How about you?

I can see a little square,
little square, little square.
I can see a little square.
How about you?

I can see a rectangle,
rectangle, rectangle.
I can see a rectangle.
How about you?

As always we had a great time this week at the Union Township Branch StoryTimes, I hope you can join us next week!

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