StoryTime: Miss Cara’s Favorites

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Welcome to your first peek at StoryTimes at the Amelia Branch! We’ve just wrapped up our spring session, but we can’t wait to see everyone this summer to explore the Dream Big! theme. You can join us by signing up for All Ages StoryTime on Thursdays at 10:30, starting June 14th.

During the last week of April, we ended our spring StoryTimes with the best books of all (according to Miss Cara, anyway). Because we were celebrating my favorite books, our literacy skill this week was Print Motivation, which basically means that kids learn to love books and reading by having fun experiences with books, especially if the adults in their lives spend time reading and enjoying books with them. You can develop this skill by bringing your kids to the library, having many books available for them, and spending time reading to them.

In ToddlerTime, we read books by some of my favorite authors for toddlers:

Preschool StoryTime featured some longer stories that are by more of my favorite authors:

We wrapped up both StoryTimes by creating huge butcher paper murals that we rolled out on the carpet so that all the kids could draw their favorite things about StoryTime. These murals are hanging on the walls of our meeting room at Amelia, so the kids can enjoy their artwork when they visit the library. I hope to see you this summer at Amelia; until then, happy reading!

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  1. I haven’t read most of those! I’m very excited to try them out!

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