Book Review: Lonely Hearts Club

lonely hearts clubPenny Lane (daughter of hard-core Beatles fans) is crushed when Nate, her childhood-friend-turned-boyfriend, cheats on her, so she starts a Lonely Hearts Club at school, for all the girls who are tired of boys and the drama involved with dating. The club is a huge hit, but some people—namely, the boys at school, as well as the principal—aren’t happy about it.

To further complicate matters, Nate is desperate to win Penny back, and Penny’s fighting feelings for Ryan, a close friend’s ex. Penny slowly comes to realize that not all guys are jerks, and the important thing is not necessarily banning boyfriends, but staying true to your friends. In the end, she realizes that though Nate really is a creep, Ryan’s a great guy, and she can enjoy both close friends and dating.

Check it out.


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