Book Review: Magic Under Glass

magic under glassNimira, a trouser girl is brought to the Hollin Parry’s estate to perform alongside his automaton. Right away Nimira feels the sinister secrets surrounding the sorcerer. While performing with the automaton, she learns that there is a fairy prince trapped inside the machine. She begins to find a way to free him but at what cost? As Nimira quickly evolves into a strong heroine, her feelings for the prince become obvious. Dolamore has set the stage for a world of intriguing fairy and mortal politics that endanger those who try to change it for the better. There is a thread of similarity between the Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Magic under Glass. This is a dark fantasy that will engage readers from the beginning and a sequel is sure to follow. This is a must for fans of Tiffany Trent’s Hallowmere series.

Check it out.


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