Book Review: Need

Yet another title that might help if you are suffering from the inevitable Twilight withdraw.

Need is an action packed tale of supernatural proportions. Romance, adventure and suspense vie for room in this great title.

Zara White is dead inside. Every since her father, her step-father really, died she has been stuck in the same loop of terrible despair; none of the things she used to love, running, Amnesty International, learning new phobias can help. Trying to get her to react to anything, Zara’s mother sends her to live with her grandmother Betty in Maine (not a single Betty White joke in the whole book!) Zara doesn’t know what’s worse; the snow, the cold or being sent away.

NeedA new car and a new school start to perk Zara up, as does the ‘hunky’ yet mysterious Nick who keeps showing up to help her. But things quickly go from new-school-stressful to down right horrible when Zara notices a dark stranger following her from Charleston to Maine and all around town; A stranger that leaves behind no footprints and a trail of gold dust. At the same time young boys are disappearing one by one from the area. With the help of her quirky new friends and hot new crush, Zara is determined to figure what strange and terrible things are happening in her new small town. Never in a million years would Zara have predicted that their research would lead to the supernatural. Faced with the existence of pixies, weres and other things she’s never believed in before, Zara is determined to stop the abductions at all costs.

Zara’s adventure continue in her second book, Captivate.

Check out Need.


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