Pick a Prize

Help us decide what prize to offer during Teen Read Week.


About Laura

Voracious bibliophile with geeky tendencies, Laura spends her time at CCPL behind the scenes mostly in front of a monitor wrestling with PHP code or with her hand in a puppet.
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3 Responses to Pick a Prize

  1. deion moss says:

    i watched nacho libre its aboutb a dude who wants to become a wrestler but he cant because its a sin in the orphanage. eastgate branch

  2. deion moss says:

    i listened to to jungle book it talks about a boy that is raised in the wilderness by wolves and is kicked out and he goes to live with people in the village.eastgate branch

  3. Glynis Lonnemann says:

    Hi Laura. I’m a little confused. Could you email me at glynis.lonnemann@yahoo.com? Thank you ! :)

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