Summer Reading: It’s Legendary!

June 4 – August 6

Complete any of these quests to enter a drawing for weekly prizes. You can enter at a branch or here or both! The more you enter, the better your chance of winning.

To be entered here, online, just make a comment below (keep scrolling!) and let us know which activity you did. No other registration is required to participate online!

You can do activities more than once.


Read a book – 4 Tickets
Listen to an Audio Book – 4 Ticket
Listen to Music – 2 Tickets
Visit our Research and Homework page and use the Ebsco database to read an article on recycling – 3 Tickets
Checkout and watch a movie – 2 Tickets
Design Your Family Crest – 2 Tickets
Write about your dream vacation here in the comment section- 2 Tickets
Checkout and watch a documentary video – 1 Ticket
Use the Heritage Quest database to research your family tree – 3 Tickets (you’ll need your library card to access the database from home)
Take a Picture in Clermont County. Upload to Flickr and use the tag “SRP2011” – 2 Tickets
Attend a Library Program – 4 Tickets
Create a Poem, Song or Artwork – 3 Tickets

Stop into a branch to claim your chances or make a comment here when you finish an activity and you’ll be entered into the prize drawings. Leave a comment with your branch name and activity so you can be entered into the program.

If you’d like to keep a log of your activities, you can download one – Log Book.

At the end of the program, we’ll draw from all of the entries for the grand prize – an HP Mini 210 Notebook PC with Webcam!


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Voracious bibliophile with geeky tendencies, Laura spends her time at CCPL behind the scenes mostly in front of a monitor wrestling with PHP code or with her hand in a puppet.
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158 Responses to Summer Reading: It’s Legendary!

  1. Tyler Hooley says:

    Read a book- Fool Moon By: Jim Butcher. New Richmond branch.

  2. ELIJAH KIYUNA says:

    Read a book maximum ride schools out forever by:james paterson owensville branch

  3. Jade Dickerson says:

    My dream vacation would probably start out by when I get home me and a ton of friends going to Kings Island. And after us going to a fancy hotel and staying there, and the next day we would all go again to Kings Island. After Kings Island me and my family would go to Florida and stay there most of the summer, and we would buy Florida clothes and such, and we would go swimming in the ocean everyday. Whenever we get back from Florida I would go visit my best friend for the weekend. Then I would come home and eat chinese with my family. And then I would go to my friend Anna and we would work on her costume and we would watch Pokemon all day long. Then we would go down into the creek next to her house and we would catch crawdads all day, hahaha…but that would be my perfect summer :)

  4. Taylor says:

    My Dream Vacation is To go To The Zoo And Work With The Zebras For Like The Whole Week!!!!

  5. Elijah Kiyuna says:

    Read books Demon thief,Lord Loss,Slawter,BEC,Blood Beast,Demon Apocalypse,Deaths Shadow, and Wolfs Island all by Darren Shan Owensvill branch

  6. Elijah Kiyuna says:

    My dream vacation would probably start with the zombie apocalypse starting me and all of my friends would get together and kill zombies then we would just go do what ever we wanted because every one is a zombie or dead so no one would care. owensvill branch

    • Cheryl V. says:

      Have you read “World War Z” or “Zombies versus Unicorns” or “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?” What’s your favorite zombie book?

  7. Clare Miller says:

    I just listened to 3 Justin Bieber Cds and 1 book. It was amazing. I also read manga I read so many manga I just cant stop. Everyone should try to read manga.

    • Cheryl V. says:

      List out all the manga you’re reading! You get book points for those too. That’ll give you an even better shot at a prize.

  8. kayla coy says:

    i read north of beautiful by justina chen headley. goshen branch

  9. kayla coy says:

    my dream vacation is going to paris france and staying there for a month.

  10. Erica Switzer says:

    Read- The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

  11. A.M.B. says:

    Read the shadow theives. Just got the second book. 1st was great

  12. Payal P. says:

    My favorite dream vacation would be to go to Hawaii for a month to relax on the beaches then go to California for 2 months then go to Florida for a month then go on a cruise one-way to Europe for 3 months and then to take an airplane trip back home and go to Kings Island With my friends and family. (and my family would come with on all of the other trips, too)

  13. Gwendolyn Bell says:

    Oh my gosh I LOVE that book!

  14. Gwendolyn Bell says:

    I read the book What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen, Shaddow of Colossus By TL Higley, watched the movie Chicgao, and listened to the CD Libra Scale by Ne-Yo. Union Township Branch!! <3

  15. Gwendolyn Bell says:

    My dream vacation would be to travel the world. I would go to Paris, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Austria, Russia, Israel, Italy, Greece and Australia!!! <3 <3

  16. Leia says:

    My dream vacation? Huh? Well I have 2. First would be to go to Ireland (Wexford), and meet Eoin Colfer. Then I would find some way to be Holly.(A character in the Artemis Fowl series. Read it!)
    My second would be to go to Palm Beach, Florida and meet James Patterson. Then, again, I would find some way to be my favorite character, MAX! Yeah, I have high hopes.

  17. Cheryl V. says:

    You can customize your avatar and get rid of that lovely quilt pattern if you want. Just saying….

  18. Megan Ginn says:

    I read The Wanderer, written by Sharon Creech. It tells about how a girl, Sophie, discovers herself and her past, while helping her cousin, Cody do the same while they are on a sea voyage heading towards England, where their grandfather, Bompie lives. I would reccomend this to anyone who likes realistic fiction.
    -Union Township Branch

  19. Megan Ginn says:

    I listened to the music CD, Now That’s What I Call Music 37. It has lots of newer songs from artists like Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, P!nk, and Taylor Swift.

  20. Megan Ginn says:

    I read the book, The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney. It is about a girl who told a few lies that eventually got her into a huge mess. I would reccomend it to girls who like realistic fiction.
    -Union Township Branch

  21. Wesley Thatcher says:

    My dream vacation would be to go to the Dominican Republic.

  22. Theresa Ruwe says:

    I read “The Thief Lord” by Cornelia Funke (really good!), and “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” by J.K. Rowling (also great!). I also read “Loser” by Jerry Spinelli (and it was very boring).

    Felicity Branch

  23. Theresa says:

    My dream vacation would be to go to Spain with my whole family. After practicing my Spanish for about a week, I would want to go to Rome for about 5 or 6 days. My last week would be spent in Hawaii. If I could, I would come home for about 10 days in between Spain and Rome, and Rome and Hawaii. That way, the vacation would spread accross my whole summer.

    Felicity Branch

  24. Theresa says:

    I read The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stuart, and it was great! I would definately recomend it.

  25. Allison Williams says:

    read a book-Little Blog on the Prairie. By-Kathleen Davitt Bell

  26. Allison Williams says:

    My dream vacation is to spend a couple weeks in Disney World with my family and a couple friends. I would love to meet all the characters from all of my favorite Disney movies. I would aso want to ride all of my favorite rides in all of the parks.

    Bethel Branch

  27. Allison Williams says:

    I listened to my zune and listened to my absolute favorite artist, Taylor Swift.

  28. Kaitlyn Williams says:

    My dream vacation would be to travel around the U.S. with my family. I would want to travel and visut every state.

  29. Kaitlyn Williams says:

    I read an article on recycling bottles to make graduation cap and gowns.

  30. Allison Williams says:

    I read an article on recycling. It was about students wearing recycled caps and gowns.
    Bethel Branch

  31. Taylor F. says:

    I listened to music, created a poem, created an artwork, designed my family crest, listened to music read an article on recyling, created a song, watched a movie, created artwork, watched a movie and listened to music

  32. Ashley Hoff says:

    I visited the Research and Homework page and used the Heritage Quest database to research my family tree – 3.

    Goshen Branch

  33. Ashley Hoff says:

    My dream vacation is to go to England. I’ve always wanted to go and tour the Buckingham Palace. I have also wanted to see the London Eye in person. It’s been my dream to go and stay at a hotel across the street from the Buckingham Palace and to look out the window every morning and watch the changing of the guard. That’s my dream vacation.

    • Ashley Hoff says:

      I’ve read a book, listened to music, wrote about my dream vacation in the teen blog, attended a library program, created an artwork, designed my family crest, and used the Heritage Quest database to research my family tree.- Goshen Branch

    • Ashley Hoff says:

      Goshen Branch

  34. Ashley Hoff says:

    I also read two more books, listened to music again, attended a library program again, and read an article on recycling.

    • LauraLaura says:

      Hi Ashley, Which program did you go to? Did you enjoy it? Learn something new? Is there a type of program you wish we had more of?

  35. Addyson says:

    I researched my family tree on Heritage Quest. I found my dad’s grandpa, my mom’s grandpa, and my grandparents. In one of the pages, they listed my great grandma when she was 2 and my grandpa when he was only 13!

  36. Tyler Hooley says:

    Read books: Eragon and Eldest by: Christopher Paolini

  37. LauraLaura says:

    Congratulations to Tyler, our first winner! A set of portable speakers is headed his way.

    Everyone – keep participating, there’s plenty of time to win a weekly prize and remember that every entry is a chance to win a computer!

  38. Kaitlyn Williams says:

    I read the book “Ckick Here” by Denise Vega

  39. Kaitlyn Williams says:

    I checked out and watched the movie Lady and the Tramp

    Bethel Branch

  40. Tyler Hooley says:

    read a book- Divergence by Veronica Roth.
    Listened to music- I listened to Seether’s new album Holding Onto Strings Better Left to Fray. Great album would highly recommend it
    New Richmond branch

  41. Micahel Lovett says:

    I’ve read Tsubasa volume one by CLAMP.

  42. Micahel Lovett says:

    I’ve read Cirque Du freak by Darren Shan.

  43. Micahel Lovett says:

    I’ve also read The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.
    Williamsburg branch

  44. Micahel Lovett says:

    I’ve read The Demonata by Darren Shan
    Williamsburg branch

  45. Anna Beck says:

    My dream vaction is to go Disney Land during summer break. I also want to go to Gatlinburg.

  46. Lauren C says:

    I read unnatural by micheal griffo,
    movie menace by franklin w. dixon,
    flowers in the attic, petals in the wind, and daughter of darkness all by v. c. andrews
    Union township branch

  47. Michaela Smith says:

    i read rosario vampire season 2 volumes 1-4 i really love this series. i also read you can read palms it is creepy how much of it matches…..O.o

  48. Michaela Smith says:

    listened to brokencyde i’m not a fan but the kids will like it and b105 yea XD

  49. Theresa says:

    I read “The Mysterious Key and What it Opened” by Louisa May Alcott. It was pretty good and had some good plot twists at the end.

  50. Addyson says:

    i designed my family crest

  51. A.M.B. says:

    Just read the red pyrimad by:Rick Riordan. new richmond branch. gooooood book!!!

  52. A.M.B. says:

    watched Fame. I like dance movies.

  53. A.M.B. says:

    My choice vacation would be to travel the world with my family. I love to travel! Since I’m learning how to fly and my dad’s a pilot, we would fly us and our family all over the world. new richmond branch.

  54. Kelsey Fearing says:

    My dream vacation is in Hawaii. Laying on the beach sun tanning. My friends would be there. Were all laughing and having fun. We get free tropical smoothies and get to jet ski, swim with sea creatures, get tours, climb vacant volcano’s. It would all be a blast. To rest the day sleep in a 5 star hotel that has a beautiful ocean view.
    That’s my dream vacation. :D <3

  55. kalenfearing says:

    My dream vacation is to go to Tennessee and go to Gutenberg. I want to go their and go to the nasscar race park all for a whole 7weeks. That is my dream vacation. :p

  56. LauraLaura says:

    Congratulations to Elijah the second weekly winner!

  57. bradley e says:

    my dream vacation would be spending my whole summer on the beach on the bahamas

  58. Theresa says:

    I read The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde. It was really clever and funny.

  59. Addyson says:

    My dream vacation would be to disney land and vist mickey & minnie

  60. Olivia Flandy says:

    My dream vacation is to go to Disney World! And meet Justin Bieber! haha! Then go to France and meet all kinds of people! I would play volleyball with everyone! I would come home and go to Florida! And get a nice tan! That is my dream vacation! :)

  61. Gabe says:

    listened to cds-Kid’s Bop 15, Call of Arms, Absolute All Time Favorites for Kids

    Read book- Of Mice and Men

    Drew Pictures of : A garden, papa smurf, ninja turtle, angry smurf, shoe, guitar, another guitar, popcorn machine, smurf, baby smurf, lightning mcqueen, basketball, cross, jaquar head, lion, flower, house

  62. RockingReader19 says:

    I listened to the radio :) – Williamsburg Branch

  63. RockingReader19 says:

    I read the book:
    I’d Tell you I Love you, but then I’d have to Kill You By-Ally Carter- Williamsburg Branch <3

  64. Theresa says:

    I read “Pierced by a Sword” and “Concieved Without Sin.” Both are by Bud Mcfarlane, Jr. I REALLY liked these two books.

    Felicity Branch

  65. RockingReader19 says:

    My dream vacation would be a historical camping trip. First, I would go to Virginia to see lots of historical birthplaces and battlefields. I would go to Pennsylvania next and see the Liberty Bell. Then I would go to New York to see the Statue of Liberty. After that we would travel to Boston, Massachusetes where we’d see the place where the Boston Tea Party occured. We could also see where the Declaration of Independence was signed. Finally, we would drive to Washington D.C.! We could see the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, the Smithsonian, The White House, The Capital Building, and more! I have always wanted to take this trip because it would be so much fun and you could learn alot about our country!- Williamsburg Branch :)

  66. Alexis Marie says:

    my dream vaca would be to go on a cruise to the Bahamas :D i would probably most deffinetly fall in love with the waters and dig my toes in the sand. that would my awesomly awesome dream vacation! xD (like if you agree :P)

  67. libby hempleman says:

    my dream vaca would be swimming on the shore of hawii. i’d be there 4 6 months. i would meet a nice guy and marry him. (more on my dream vaca later, when i think of more things.)

  68. Savannah Spangler says:

    I read two more books Diary of a wimpy kid #2 and #3

  69. Savannah Spangler says:

    i listened to music

  70. Savannah Spangler says:

    i watched a movie

  71. Savannah Spangler says:

    i wrote a song

  72. Savannah Spangler says:

    My next dream vacation would be to go to puerto rico. my dad is from there and we could go to the beach and visit with family that still lives there.

  73. Brookie says:

    My dream vacation is to go to Hawaii! I would lay on the beach with my family and friends with a coconut with a stray. That would be my dream vacation!!!!!!And also swim in the ocean too.

    Brookie :)

  74. Theresa says:

    I read “Tennis Ace” by Matt Christopher, and I also read “The Shadow of Your Smile “by Mary Higgins Clark.

  75. libby hempleman says:

    throughout the pass few days this is what i’ve done 4 the summer reading program, i’ve listen to music 3 different days, i used heritage quest, i created 2 different drawings, i checked out and watched the movie 16 wishes, and i checked out and watched a documentary about a shark.

  76. Savannah Spangler UT says:

    I read Diary of a wimpy kid #4

  77. Savannah Spangler UT says:

    I listened to the radio for about two hours

  78. Savannah Spangler UT says:

    read people magazine

  79. Savannah Spangler UT says:

    I read a star wars book out loud to my brother

  80. Sofia DiGiovanni says:

    I read stuck on earth and sorta like a rock star I watched harriet the spy blog wars and joseph and the amazing tecnicolor dream coat

  81. Sofia DiGiovanni says:

    i listened to music

  82. Sofia DiGiovanni says:

    My dream vacation would be to go to Palermo,Italy for a week then go to New York City and see Wicked and see the sights then go to California and see all my favorite stars.

    • Cheryl V. says:

      Why Palermo, Italy? I don’t know anything about that city. What put it on your dream vacation list?

  83. Tom Casavant says:

    I have read six books since the start of summer and here they are

    1. Alcatraz versus the knights of crystallia (Very good series, Funny)
    2.Elf realm (It was good but hard to follow
    3. Alcatraz versus the shattered lens (again good series Recommended)
    4.Trapped (Great book)
    5.Tunnels (A very good series)
    6. Xenocide (part of the enders game series good book)

  84. Kyle Timmons says:

    My dream vacation would be to travel to Australia. When I am in australia I would like to swim with the fish in the coral reef. Then I would like to go to the best seafood place. Then i would like rto stay at a nice hotel. The next day i would like to go for a boat ride through the water and see a shark.

  85. Allison Flanigan says:

    Boys R Us By: Lisi Harrison (The Clique Series) UT

  86. Allison Flanigan says:

    I read Charmed and Dangerous By: Lisi Harrison (The Clique Series) UT

  87. Allison Flanigan says:

    I read:
    Almost Famous By: Zoey Dean

    The Clique A Tale of Two Pretties By: Lisi Harrison

    Alpha’s By: Lisi Harrison

    Belle of the Brawl By:Lisi Harrison

    The Secret Life of Bee’s

    Movers and Fakers By: Lisi Harrison

    Cliquationary Wit and Wisdom of the Clique By:Lisi Harrison

    Then i listened to a bunch of different Taylor Swift songs for about 1 hour

    And read:

    Multiple Bles8ings By: Kate and Jon Gosselin

    La Petite Four By: Regina Scott

    Then for about 45 minutes I listened to Carrie Underwood

    I would highly recommend any books that Lisi Harrison writes! I love her writing and any teen girl in middle school or high school could relate to it!

  88. Tom Casavant says:

    My Dream Vacation would be in Florida in January because it has moderate temperatures in January. It would have a rather large pool and I would own a waterproof laptop (yeah). It would not be raining at all and there would be very few guests. I would have a 3 story house (middle floor, top floor, basement.) In the house there would be a flat screen T.V. and a Wii. There would be a hot tub indoors. There would be no cleaning involved. There would be a small town nearby. Also in the house there would be extremely comfy furniture that was unused. There would be a King Sized bed for me with pillows that would be of the utmost softness. There would be a kitchen with a great chef who will make wonderful meals out of the worst ingredients. There would be a slide that would slide you from the top floor to the middle then to the basement. I would have a dining room right next to my window that shows me a great looking view. And I would have a table that you could see right through. I would be able to sleep as long as I wanted and stay up as late as I want. I would have a library that had every book I would like (adventurous, fiction, funny…etc). That is my dream vacation.

  89. Tom Casavant says:

    I didn’t use heritage quest to find this out but my family started this huge Family tree that leads back to King Louis III and also the king of whales. Very cool finds. The website is

  90. Savannah Shoemake says:

    My dream vacation would be to travel to the European countries like France and Italy. I also would like to visit the Caribbeans and Hawaii. It would be so great to be able to visit these kind of places and learn something new about how people live and how their whole community thrives. I also would like to visit different rainforest. Basicly I would want to go all over the world to seek the different possibilities all before my time is up.

  91. Melissa Campbell says:

    I read :

    Amazing Days of Abby Hayes (book #6) by: Anne Mazer.

    Amazing Days of Abby Hayes (book #2) by: Anne Mazer.

    Nancy Drew (book # 12) by: Carolyn Keene .

    Nancy Drew (book #8) by: Carolyn Keene .

    Amazing Days of Abby Hayes (book #7) by: Anne Mazer .

    Amazing Days of Abby Hayes (book #1) by: Anne Mazer .

    Nancy Drew (book #9) by: Carolyn Keene .

    Amazing Days of Abby Hayes ( book #10 ) by: Anne Mazer .

    Nancy Drew (book #1) by: Carolyn Keene .

    Nancy Drew (book #5 ) by: Carolyn Keene .

    Amazing Days of Abby Hayes (book #3) by: Anne Mazer .

    Nancy Drew (book #13) by: Carolyn Keene .

    Seeing Sugar by: Cynthia L. Brinson .

    Nancy Drew (book #4 ) by: Carolyn Keene .

    Amazing Days of Abby Hayes (book #5 ) by: Anne Mazer .

    Nancy Drew (book # 16 ) by: Carolyn Keene .

    Union township branch.

  92. Melissa Campbell says:

    I listened to :

    News boys / Shine .

    Robert Pierre /I’m All In .

  93. Melissa Campbell says:

    I watched :

    Blank Check .

    Gnomeo and Juliet .

    Wizards of Waverly Place the movie .

    Union township branch.

  94. Theresa says:

    I watched Pride and Prejudice. It was six hours long, but a good movie!!!
    Felicity Branch

  95. Roger Casavant says:

    we just went on a trip and listened to 10 audio books

  96. Roger Casavant says:

    I know a good series

    The Guardians of Ga’Hoole series

  97. Tom Casavant says:

    On a trip to New York I listened to 10 audio books…

    Agatha Christie- The Listerdale mystery
    Agatha Christie- The Rajahs Emerald
    Agatha Christie – The Golden Ball
    Agatha Christie – Mr. Eastwood’s Adventure
    Agatha Christie – Philamol Cottage
    Agatha Christie – A fruitful Sunday
    Agatha Christie – Jane in search of a job
    Agatha Christie – Swan Song
    Agatha Christie – The girl in the Train
    Agatha Christie – Sing a Song of Six Pence

  98. Roger Casavant says:

    and i’m from union township

  99. Tom Casavant says:

    …I forgot again…Union Township

  100. Roger Casavant says:

    they are building a new library that is going to be much bigger

    • Cheryl V. says:

      We hope we’ll get to open the new branch early December. No set date yet but we can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait! The new Teen Area gets its own style and furniture compared to the rest of the library,

  101. Keely Ackerman says:

    i have read the following books so far this summer:
    the help by: kathryn stockett
    trance by: linda gerber
    the maze by: james dashner
    the scorch trials by: james dashner
    beastly by: alex flinn

    Williamsburg Branch. :)

  102. Keely Ackerman says:

    i read 6 seventeen magazines and listened to music… it was about 3 hours worth of mags and music.

    Williamsburg Branch :)

  103. Savannah Shoemake says:

    I have read the books:
    1. when the emperor was divine
    2. the lost queen
    3. the sorcerer king
    4. the royal treatment

    I have watched the movies:
    1. fearie tale theatre
    2. grease
    3. Aquamarine
    4. another cinderella story

    I have listened to the Cds
    1. grease
    2. the band perry (about 19x)
    3. carry underwood

    I also did the Heritage search, blog of my vacation, read the recycling summery,

  104. Erin Robinson says:

    I have read…
    -The Redemption of Sarah Cain
    -Miriam’s Heart
    -Movers and Fakers
    -Belle of the Brawl
    -The Telling
    -October Song
    -These Boots are Made for Stalking
    -Shark Girl
    -Prom and Prejudice
    -The Rise of the Pretty Committee
    -Boys R Us
    -Are You going to kiss me now?
    -The Secret Language of Girls
    -There’s no Place Like Home
    -Never Been Kissed
    -Crossing Lines
    -Troy High
    -Confessions of a Teenage Nanny
    -Zen and Xander Undone
    -Gimme a Call
    -Only the Good Spy Young
    -Whispers Down the Lane
    -Secret in the Willows
    -Catch a Falling Star
    -Night of the Fireflies
    -Claim to Fame
    -Just Ella
    -Palace of Mirrors
    -Someone Like You
    -A Cry in the Dark
    -Stuck in the ’70′s

    -Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
    -Harry Potter and the order of the Pheonix
    -Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
    -Harry Potter and the Daethly Hallows Part 1
    -Sister Act 1
    -Sister Act 2
    -The Blind Side
    -27 Dresses
    -Without a Paddle
    -Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part 2
    -The Proposal

    Union Township

    • Megan Ginn says:

      WOW! That is a lot.
      Looks like you’re into Harry Potter. I am a huge fan and was so excited to see part 2! There were some things I would have changed, but I still LOVED it.

  105. Rachael Westrick says:

    watched a movie – love comes softly, watched a movie – loves enduring promise, watched a movie – loves long journey, watched a movie – narnia the voyage of the down treader, read a book – the inside girl:perfect match by j. miller, watched a movie – 7th heaven season 2, watched a movie – to grandmothers house we go, read a book – inside girl: lucky break by j. miller, watched a movie – dr. quinn medicine women the movies

  106. Emma Brandt says:

    Read books:
    -The Last Little Blue Envelope; Maureen Johnson
    -Stealing Bradford,Homecoming Queen; Melody Carlson
    -Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry Potter and Order of Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince ; J.K. Rowling
    - Heartless, Wanted; Sara Shepard
    Listening to Music 4 times
    Union Township Branch

  107. Abigail griner UT says:

    I read Are you there god it’s me margaret, Glitter girls and the great fakeout, Elite Ambititon, The Hunger Games, Defying the Diva, and Catching Fire. I listened to my i-pod 5 times. I checked out and watched How to eat fried worms, Rv, and Daddy Daycare. I also read an arcticle on recycling.

  108. Amanda L. says:

    My dream vacation would be a month in Asia. I’d visit the taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, in India. I’d go to some of their markets because we have nothing like that in America. In China, I’d walk part of the Great Wall of China, another of the seven wonders of the world. I’d also see the stone statues an emporer made to quard his tomb. I’d also visit Tailand to stay by the water.

  109. Megan Ginn says:

    I listened to Now that’s what I Call Music 38. It has many good new pop songs.

  110. Megan Ginn says:

    (UT Branch) I read a book called Confetti Girl. It was a good book about a girl named Lina who goes to a middle school in Texas.
    I also read The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott. It was a good book that I would recommend to teenage girls.

  111. Megan Ginn says:

    I checked out and watched 2 movies, Miss Congeniality and Miss Congeniality 2. They are about an FBI agent who goes undercover at the Miss America Pageant.
    I also listened to music on my iPod.

  112. Megan Ginn says:

    I read a book called Scrawl. It was about a bully who ends up doing a very good deed and redeems himself.
    I listed to music on my iPod. I like new pop music.

  113. Megan Ginn says:

    I watched Legally Blonde 2, Sleepover, and The Last Song. I really liked Sleepover. I also liked The Last Song, but it was really sad.

  114. Megan Ginn says:

    I created two pieces of artwork. One was a detailed and shaded pencil drawing of a foot, and one of a hand. (I know, a little weird, but they turned out nice :) )

  115. Megan Ginn says:

    I watched a funny movie called Mall Cop.
    I also listened to my iPod set on Shuffle for awhile.

  116. Megan Ginn says:

    I read a book called Perfect You. It is about a girl named Katie who needs to get used to new changes in her life.
    I also read a book called Zoe and Chloe on the Prowl. It was a funny book about two best friends who share many adventures.

  117. Megan Ginn says:

    I created a piece of artwork. It was a watercolor portrait.
    I also listened to music on my iPod.

  118. Megan Ginn says:

    My dream vacation would probably be a European tour. I would just LOVE to go to London, Paris, Rome, and TONS of other places in Europe. I would like to go sightseeing and visit Big Ben, the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum, and so many more places. I am interested in photography, and I would take a ton of pictures!

  119. Tori Phelps says:

    I read 4 books – 16 tickets
    I created 3 artworks – 9 tickets
    25 tickets total

  120. Melissa Campbell says:

    I watched :

    -Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
    -Harry Potter and the order of the Pheonix.
    -Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.
    -Harry Potter and the Daethly Hallows Part 1.
    - The Princess and the Frog.
    -Tangled .
    -Finding Nemo .
    - Another Cinderella Story .

    Union Township.

  121. Melissa Campbell says:

    I read :

    Nancy Drew (book #33 ) by :Carolyn Keene .
    The Witch of Blackbird Pond .by: Elizabeth George Speare.
    The Music of Dolphins . by :Karen Hesse .
    Iridessa ,Lost at Sea . by :Lisa Papademetriou .
    Switching Well . by: Peni R. Griffin .
    Nancy Drew (book #36) by: Carolyn Keene .
    Nancy Drew (book #37) by. Carolyn Keene .
    Only the Best . by: Beverly Lewis .
    Dreams on Ice . by: Beverly Lewis .
    Charlotte’s Web . by: E.B. White .

    Union Township.

  122. Kristina Cass says:

    I read:
    from the Warriors series:
    Into the wild
    fire and ice
    forest of secrets
    rising storm
    a dangerous path
    the darkest hour
    other books:
    erec rex #1
    erec rex #2
    hooway for wodney wat
    one tiny turtle
    the throne of fire
    i listened to the red pyramid on audiobook.
    movies i watched:
    27 dresses
    harry potter 7 part 1
    ” ” part 2
    wild hogs
    the notebook
    star wars # 1
    despicable me
    batman begins
    aliens in the attic
    alvin and the chipmunks the squeakual
    spiderman #3
    gone with the wind
    pride and prejudice (old version)
    pride and prejudice (new version)
    max keeble’s big move
    pirates of the carribean #1
    ” “#3
    ” “#4
    harry potter 1
    harry potter 2
    harry potter 3
    harry pottter 4
    harry potter 5
    harry potter 6
    I created 6 pieces of artwork.

  123. Kristina Cass says:

    I am from union township.

  124. Kristina Cass says:

    My dream vacation would probably be in France, where I’d stay in an eco-friendly mansion, and I wouldn’t have to do any work,and I wouldn’t have to pay to visit any sites or museums or anything.

  125. Tori Phelps says:

    I read 1 book – 4 tickets
    I created 2 artworks – 6 tickets
    10 tickets total

  126. Kristina Cass says:

    I wrote a poem.
    Union township

  127. Kristina Cass says:

    I listened to:
    Nature’s Moods

  128. Kristina Cass says:

    Sorry, forgot again, I’m from Union Township.

  129. Tori Phelps says:

    I visited the Research and Homework page and read an article on recycling – 3 Tickets

  130. Megan Ginn says:

    I designed a family crest. It is blue and gold on the border with a phoenix in it. There is a silver letter G and a rose in the middle.
    I also created 2 pieces of artwork. One is a drawing of and angel and one is a drawing of a cute fuzzy creature. I got the idea for both from “Drawing For Dummies”.

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