Books with Bite

Have you seen the trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 1? If you just can’t wait for November, here are a few other vampire stories to help you pass the time.

  • Blue Bloods—Melissa de la Cruz. Some people have everything—money, status, fancy NYC digs…and a vampire bloodline? This is what would happen if Twilight met Gossip Girl and had a sparkling, scandalous child.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Before Edward, there was Angel. A brooding, tormented vampire in love with a high school girl. But Sunnydale, California is no Forks—it’s built over a hellmouth, which means all sorts of evil beasties are drawn to the town. Fortunately, Sunnydale is the home of Buffy, the one and only Slayer.
  • The House of Night series–P. C. Cast. This series, starting with Marked, takes place in a prep school for vampires. When Zoey finds out that a friend is abusing her powers, what can she do to stop her?
  • iDrakula–Bekka Black. Jonathan Harker has a rare blood disease, and it’s up to him, along with his girlfriend Mina and a medical student called Van Helsing, to figure out what it is. Sound familiar? It should–it’s an update of the classic vampire novel, Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
  • The Vampire Diaries–L. J. Smith. Two vampire brothers fall in love with high-school senior Elena. How far will they go to be the one she chooses? (Also a TV series.)
  • Vampire Kisses–Ellen Schreiber. Raven is as Goth as Goth can be, and she longs to be turned into a vampire. Can the mysterious new boy give her what she’s after? If you’ve already read the books, try the manga series, too.

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