Picture It @ the Library


Below are five paintings which are on display at two local museums, the Cincinnati Art Museum and the Taft Museum of Art.

Identify all of the paintings and fill out this entry form   with the titles of the five paintings using the hints we’ve given you.

Three randomly chosen winners will each win a Kodak Mini Video Camera!

The contest ends on October 23.

Winners will be notified on October 27.


Hint: What's the boy in the painting doing?

First painting

Hint: Shares a name with a museum

Second painting

Hint: This American artist is showcasing a boy making the sound a train makes. Jiminy Cricket also does this on occasion. Hint: This portrait is of the 27th President of the USA who was from Ohio.
Hint: She's from Italy.

Third painting

Hint: How many figures?

Fourth painting

Hint: The woman in the portrait lives in the place where gondolas are still in use. The artist’s middle name is the type of performance artist that is showcased on American Idol and is also the name of a famous brand of sewing machine. Hint: The artist is Dutch and also has only one ear.
Hint: He wrote Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Fifth painting

Hint: The portrait is of the author of Treasure Island.

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