Draw on Your Creativity Interview

Kim, a branch staffer at the Felicity Branch will be teaching a drawing class over the next several months. Each session will focus on a different type of drawing. Register for the program by calling 876-4134.

Kim’s been a professional artist for over 25 years and bring a lot of experience and enthusiasm!

She was gracious enough to answer some questions for us.

Q: Do you have a favorite medium to work with? And why?
Kim: My favorite medium is colored pencil. I love using lots of different colors and layering them to create texture and depth.

Q: What was the most difficult thing to learn when you learned to draw?
Kim: The most difficult thing to learn was to not overwork a drawing. Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop.

Q: What inspires you?
Kim: The natural world inspires me–animals, clouds, mountains, sunsets, and on and on.

Q: Do you have a favorite resource like a book or website?
Kim: I have a LOT of books of Vincent Van Gogh’s work that I periodically look through for inspiration and aspiration.

Q: When did you discover that you enjoyed drawing?
Kim: It wasn’t a discovery, I’ve just always done it because I love doing it. My parents met when they were both students at the Chicago Art Institute, so it runs in the family!

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