Take a Peep

ampeep Sometimes in this profession I get a chance to eat candy and other times I get to be really creative. And sometimes I get to do both. I mean, really, what’s better than making edible art out of candy? Nothing. Except maybe Dr. Who.

So join me in my quest for edible cuteness at the April 3rd Take a Peep program where tweens and teens ages 10 – 17 can create a scene from their favorite book or movie, better known as a diorama, out of peeps and candy. Supplies will be out and available from 4:00 to 6:00. Arrive anytime during those two hours to get started, but you must register to attend. Peep diorama contests are held each year by The Washington Post and if you’re up for deliciousness and culture you should check out the pictures of previous winners.

But if you’re just into cute here are some books about fluffy things that kinda look like peeps, or cute characters that are named Peep. Get your fill of Peepy goodness and sign up for our Take a Peep program, because who doesn’t love Peeps?

About Meghann

I spend most of my day at the Amelia Branch Library dreaming up ridiculously wonderful programs for teens while balancing my many alter egos, which are all amazing and over five feet tall.
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