A Little Retro Never Hurt Anyone

Ever notice how you’re the only one who loves this really awesome old movie or book and then everyone and their brother jumps on the bandwagon to try and duplicate your awesomeness. No? Me neither. But I have seen quite a few retro movies checking out like mad lately. I’m not sure if it’s the ever growing list of bad movies debuting in the theaters or a simple desire to get back to your roots, but either way retro seems to be rocking now and not Granny style either.

Just a few of my favorite retro movies are: The Labyrinth starring David Bowe and yes, he does sing in the movie, Legend starring a very young Tom Cruise and the ultimate Jim Henson production, The Dark Crystal.

Now before any of you start whipping out your calculators to prove that these aren’t “old” movies, I will state that all of these movies were made in the early 80’s and therefore around 30 years old. You know what else is around thirty years old? The first IBM personal computer. So, while in human years thirty isn’t old, in technology years you might as well give them an AARP subscription.

A few books that seem to be re-living the glory days are The Hobbit, popular now because of the movies, Sabriel by Garth Nix, and A Wrinkle in Time which celebrated its 50th birthday last year and is rocking a great new cover.

So as a lesson to all of us quietly hording our Saved By the Bell episodes and our Street Fighter Trapper Keepers, stay the course. Soon enough those things will be cool again…maybe.

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